Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Hollywood Days -The Wonder Years, Part 4

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This is it people. The last clip from "The Wonder Years." I get dumped.

In the scene where he dumps me he was to have a flash forward of our life together - filled with little dogs, excessive manners, etc. Notice he is in prison garb. We filmed the scene, but it got edited out of the show.

Update: Had to to remove from youtube because of copyright. So if you want to see it - It is season 5, episode 15 and it's on Netflix.
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Cheryl said...

You are so much cuter as an adult than Hollywood made you look back then!

Matt W. said...

Hi Wendy!

I have a kind of loaded inquiry here, so I appreciate you taking the time to read it (and hopefully respond!).

You said you filmed a "flashback" scene in "The Wonder Years" that didn't there any chance you still have your script and could share the pages with the 'unaired scene'? I am a 'Wonder Years' fan and have every episode on video, and I also am interested in television in general, and would love to read the script pages if you can share.

Also, I thought I would mention that your episode of "The Wonder Years" was 'recycled' almost painstakingly in an episode of Fred Savage's younger brother's show, "Boy Meets World". In fact, the BMW character which was equivalent to the character you played on TWY is named Wendy!!! The BMW character actually appeared in two episodes, but here is a link to part one of the season two episode "Breaking Up is Really, Really Hard to Do", the one most parallel to TWY episode: . Its funny, they even do a flashback scene in the BMW episode, too! BMW actually rehashed a lot of TWY's scripts in its early seasons.

BTW...and I'm really not 'just saying this', I am also a 'Lassie' fan, too, and have all 500+ episodes of the original series on DVD, as well as all 48 episodes of "The New Lassie" in which you starred. I was even the editor for "The New Lassie" on for a while. This reminds me of another question...there has been some speculation over the years as to which episode of "The New Lassie" was actually the last one filmed...was it the episode which featured Tom Rettig as guest star?

Take care, I'm enjoying your Hollywood blog, please keep it up! 8D

TDM Wendy said...

I might have the script . . . somewhere. Don't know where at this point. Will post it if I find it someday. I didn't know about that from Boy Meets World. That's funny. And I don't remember what episode was the last one filmed. And when we filmed it we did not yet know it would be the last one. I don't think we found out we were cancelled until after the show wrapped. That is amazing you have all 48 episodes. I don't even have them all!

mattwilsonproductions said...

Wendy, thank you for your response! I would definitely love to read that script…I hope you can find it! It’s such a shame that “The New Lassie” was cancelled without the cast/crew knowing until it was over, although I know that’s how it goes in the TV business…to broadcasters…that’s all it is…a business. I do hate seeing shows go away without finishing their stories though.

As far as the DVDs go, I'll be honest... quite a while ago, eBay wasn't as responsible about copyright as they are now. There was a person who used to offer many TV shows he had recorded from TV broadcasts, and "The New Lassie" (as well as the original "Lassie") was one of the shows he offered, and he had every episode. At the time, it had recently been syndicated on TV Land Canada, which aired the episodes in their full entirety in as close to HD as possible, without any onscreen advertising overlays (except the lone TV Land bug itself), and complete beginning and end credits with no shared screen or voiceovers(including the original Black and White series which were originally 25+ minutes in length!). I doubt that either series has ever been re-run with so much respect to preserve the original content as TV Land Canada did (even US TV Land heavily edits them to add extra commercials!).

If you want copies of my "The New Lassie" DVDs, though, for your personal collection, I would gladly send them to you free of charge, although it would take some time as I seem to have misplaced a couple of the discs. I understand, though, if you would be wary of giving your shipping information out since you don't know me, lol (unless you have a P.O. Box ?!).

And, as a side note, I personally try to respect copyright laws, as I produce railroad videos, and know how it is when someone steals your work. I have never SOLD anyone a bootleg copy of any show, as I believe it’s the studios' responsibilities to do it the right way so that everyone gets (semi-)fairly compensated (even though sometimes it seems like studios have unfortunately forgotten about certain shows, which is what keeps bootleggers in business). As you know, though, both versions of the show are so rare, I had to take the opportunity to acquire them when I had the chance, because I'm starting to wonder if they'll ever air again in the US.

Also, I thought I'd point out that, unlike “Lassie”, "The Wonder Years" IS finally scheduled to air in the US again to help launch a new family based channel called The Hub in October (also, the rarely seen "Doogie Howser, M.D." will air alongside it, just like in the good old days!!!).

Take care, and thanks again for getting back with me…and like I said, if you’d like to have the episodes, just let me know! 8D