Monday, November 09, 2009

Standing Firm in Crisis

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Most of us have been in a crisis. Some are in one right now. A big one. One that makes it hard to get out of bed - ever. Want some encouragement? Check out this this podcast.
The first few minutes Debbie Alsdorf share a little story. Then I check in with people about the spending fast before I get into the message. And don't bail before it is over! Kim Dunne shares a testimony at the end that is utterly amazing. She is the kind of person I would like to follow around all day. She is upbeat, kind, HILARIOUS, peaceful, friendly, faithful, thoughtful. You would never know she has kidney cancer and breast cancer - that cannot be treated. Or that she cannot take any meds (i.e. chemo/radiation, advil, etc) and cannot have surgery. And that's just a taste of her story...

And that's your assignment for the week. Because this blog's going dark. See you next week.

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Anonymous said...

Podcast was amazing. Thank you Wendy for sharing your pain and triumph as well.

Invited In said...

I found you through Like a Warm Cup of Coffee and I am so glad I did!!! My husband and I grew up watching The Wonder years. Love that show. Last year I tried ordering all the episodes on DVD online and ended up purchasing a pirated copy...police were involved...didn't get our money back...crazy and funny story.

Anyhow, I have just loved reading through your blog. I love the way you write and share your adventures in motherhood. Thanks for sharing your heart!!
Blessings to you sweet sister in Christ,

Totally Desperate Mom said...

Invited In, That is a classic story. Police over The Wonder Years! Welcome to the hoopla.

Sisterlisa said...

That photo of the battle lines between the girly toys and the boy toys is so cute!