Monday, November 09, 2009

Hollywood Days - Faith

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Yesterday I said my blog was going dark for a week. Technically it still is. You are not reading this right now. It's a dream. In your dream you go to Sarah Mae's blog Like A Warm Cup of Coffee where you will find my guest post about my time in Hollywood and my faith.
Why the photo of the crazy static hair? Because weird things happen in your dreams.
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Sarah Mae said...

LOL! Love the intro to my blog! Best I've read yet...


Kathy C. said...

I just read your post over at Sarah Mae's blog, and it made me smile. What a beautiful gift that you were grounded in Christ before you stepped foot into Hollywood - praise God! :)
I danced around my house to Fame too! (Singing into the all too famous hairbrush of course).
Have a beautiful day!
Kathy C.

Totally Desperate Mom said...

Kathy C- My Fame sister!