Friday, November 13, 2009

Your First Gift - Clean Water

Pin It Now! I know I am not blogging this week so once again, this is just a dream. And it's timely. I guess I picked a bad week to "go dark," huh?

From (italics from me)
Every day, 4500 mothers bury their children due to contaminated water. They are forced to sustain their families with a diabolical liquid that contains both life and death. This lack of clean water is the leading cause of death in underdeveloped nations. And it just doesn't have to be!

Before you go buy a bunch of junk that no one needs, stop. Think outside of your comfortable life and think about how awesome it is to have a glass of water when you are thirsty. And then think about drawing that water from a muddy creek where cows just pooped. And then think about your kids bathing in that water before bed. And think about your kids coming out of their rooms for the ninth time asking for their "last drinks!" And you hand them a glass of cloudy, bacteria infested, cow poop water and send them back to bed. How can we live in a world where people DIE from lack of clean drinking water? So lame. Ten bucks can make a difference.
And today, November 13th, we are buying water. Clean, life-saving water.

$10 will provide one person in Africa clean water for 10 years. It will literally change and possibly save someone's life. A mother. A child. A brother. A grandfather.

We are rallying together for a cause. Clean water. One day. $10. Asking everyone to let this be their first gift. Let water, let life be their first gift of the season.

Click here to donate.
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Lorri said...

oh! good idea! I like this...I might give friends and family empty water bottles explaining the donation (not plastic ones, nice glass ones, this could be fun!

If I forgot to tell you, we listened to chapter 9 last Tuesday. Thanks for the prayer! We all loved what you shared, great job!

Love, Lorri and the WhiteFields ladies

Totally Desperate Mom said...

Great idea Lorri!

mel said...

love it.
i posted about this last night also.
can't wait to hear how much water will be bought this Christmas.

Brian said...

cool, we are doing Advent Conspiracy this year church wide... and all of the Christmas week offerings will go to building a water treatment plant in southern mexico that will give clean water for up to 10,000 people. Plus it also creates a water business for income. Cool dealio..


Totally Desperate Mom said...

Brian, Our church is doing Advent Conspiracy stuff too. That is awesome that they are doing that in mexico. Every year money collected at the christmas eve services at my church goes to service/poor. And it usually the biggest collection of the year. So great.