Tuesday, December 29, 2009


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I have decide to take a blogcation this week. I will come back some time next week. But in the meantime, I thought you might get jealous enjoy a glimpse of beautiful California weather in December. These shots are from today! We were visiting my aunt and uncle in . . . anyone recognize this beach? Whoever guesses correctly will receive . . . um . . . a lifetime supply of air.

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Mama V said...

Hmmm... at first I was gonna guess my favorite beach - which is Coronado... and we had GREAT weather today in good old San Diego...but then I had second thoughts... Oceanside? I give up.

Lorri said...

santa cruz?

CynthiaK said...

OMG - our temps here are currently hovering around a "mild" minus 13 degrees and there's plenty of snow.

When can I take a blogcation like yours?

Get some rest and have fun!

Oh, and I have no idea which beach that is. It just looks awesome.

Nancy said...

Ok... I am going to guess... San Luis Obispo/Pismo Beach. My favorite Central CA beach/getaway. I hope so... Enjoy the weather out here! :)

Totally Desperate Mom said...

Nancy, Nancy, Nancy! I hope you like air because your getting some for the rest of our life! It was Pismo Beach! Nicely done.

Working Mommy said...

I love those pictures...beautiful setting (and much warmer than here)!! Hope you enjoyed your family time!

Stopping by to say hi - from your newest follower!