Sunday, December 27, 2009

Santa Likes Clean Teeth

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Apparently Santa is into clean teeth because all the kids got tooth brushes and Elijah even got a gum stimulator.

Santa brought Lydia her Mulan outfit. Do you think she liked it?

She loved it until she figured out it wasn't a "dress" and did not twirl like one. I told her Mulan needs pants so she can do her kicks. We haven't even seen the movie, but I think she is a karate princess, right?

Elijah loved his Jordan college jersey he received from mom and dad as well as the Michael Jordan pants Santa brought.

Jordis was over the moon with the sippy cups that were in her stocking.

Her favorite gift was the balls the cats received from Grams and Grandpa Dan.

Santa must have been too busy filling Shiloh's stocking because he seemed to scrape together these three items (a duster, Saffron and a $10 itunes gift card) for Wendy's stocking. And it's weird because Wendy seems to remember purchasing these items herself just a few days before Christmas, but she is confident these duplicate items were made in Santa's workshops.

Shiloh made up for Santa's stocking sloppiness by getting Wendy a new cell phone because hers was slowly dying. Still not a smart phone--no email or internet. Wendy wants to resist that madness as long as she can. Shiloh also got Wendy a pedicure and manicure and it was not because her feet are nasty due to neglect. Or was it?

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.

And yes, that is a basketball hoop hanging on my "dining room" (aka play room) wall. Don't worry, there is another one hanging in the living room, too. It ties into the theme of . . . "hodge podge, I have three small children living and playing here." I believe that is on page 462 of the Pottery Barn catalog.

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CynthiaK said...

Looks like a great Christmas!

Santa brought our three toothbrushes in their stockings, too. Funny that... ;)

Lorri said...

Hey, don't stress! In Pleasanton our whole living room/dining room WAS the playroom. People would come in and say, "Do you homeschool?" No. "Do you run a daycare?" No. Just don't have a dining room set! It's page 356 of the PBC.

Nancy said...

So funny... Santa does love clean teeth. He brought electric toothbrushes to my girls. Love your blog. love it.

Totally Desperate Mom said...

Cynthia and Nancy - Clean teeth rule!

Nancy - Welcome.

Lorri, I would have loved to see to your non-homeschool, non-daycare facilities. I just tell myself that someday my kids will be old and I will have a living room or dining room again. But for now, let the kids play... and slam dunk.
But for now those "someday" catalogs go straight to the recycle bin. I must have missed page 356.

Becky said...

Santa brought our kids toothbrushes too. How creative Santa was this year.