Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hollywood Days - Stand-Ins

Pin It Now! When you are a regular on a television series you have a "stand-in." This is the person who fills in for you while the crew is prepping the shot. This person doesn't necessarily need to look like the actor, but they try and get someone who is similar in size.

So if you are doing a scene sitting on the couch, the stand-in poses as you so the Director of Photography can light the shot, the cameraman can prepare his stuff, etc. This is the time where the actors can get their makeup done, work on their lines or go back to their trailer and do Sudoku. Depending how complicated it is to set up the shot (and how long it will take), this is also a time where childhood actors can get in some school time. I'll do a post about school later.
Here is Lassie's stand-in. For real.

P.S. We got a total of $150 toward building that well! Nice work.
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