Thursday, January 28, 2010

Remember These?

Pin It Now! Does anyone remember these? Hello childhood memories.

And here is a picture Elijah drew Lydia. Pretty awesome if you ask me. Princesses playing basketball.
Disney needs to get on this: "Princess Hoopster" . . . who has two nice, alive, parents and no voodoo or scary, evil people.

Last day to leave your comment to enter yourself in the drawing for a free (future) copy of my book, a cute "love mom" t-shirt, and a theoretical $20,000.

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Mama V said...

Are those "Shrink-a-Dinks"??? Loved those! I remember making a Poochie one. Remember HER? Cute little pink and white puppy-dog. :)

TDM Wendy said...

Shrinky Dinks! Yes. I don't remember the Poochi Shrinky Dink, but I remember Poochie.

Working Mommy said...

I used to LOVE those things!!!!