Friday, February 05, 2010

Wildlife Museum

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When we went to Arroyo Grande after Christmas to visit my Uncle Mike and Aunt Leslie they took us on a wildlife adventure. At their friend's house.

Was I little freaked out when Piper (the wildlife friend) just threw that huge snake around my son's neck? Yes. The whole time I was thinking what I would do if the snake started squeezing his neck. I would get a knife and cut him off with all my might. Seriously. It all happened so fast. She just kept bringing out animal after animal and handing them to Elijah.

How scary lookin' is this possum?

Yes, Jordis is doing business like an animal out in the wild.

This is my favorite photo. The dog and his slimy ball. Just waiting for some love. Go back and notice him in the other photos. Always trying to get some action. This photo just captures it all and reminds me of the movie "Up."

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Rose said...

That looks like so much fun. My kids would be totally ecstatic.

I had pet snakes when I was a kid and really enjoyed them although my mother was not to thrilled. :-)

fantoma said...

Beautiful photos ... and brave boy Elijah

Mirinda said...

I cannot believe he is just smiling away with those snakes!!! I would have fainted dead away and my kids probably would too!

I have a thing for yellow labs...this is the first year out of the past 11 that we do not have one in our family :( I would have played with him the whole time!!!

Working Mommy said...

It looks like the kiddos had fun though...even if the snake is a little freaky!