Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hollywood Days - Mark and Billy

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Shortly after I moved to Hollywood to film "The New Lassie" series I attended an Academy Awards party. It was a crowded party--so much so that they had to start turning people away. I was at a table with some other young Hollywood actors and actresses. Two older guys (I was 14 and they were 24) came over to our table and asked if they could sit there. Unfortunately, I told them, our table was full. I watched them as they walked away looking for a spot in the crowded room. They sat on some stairs. I went over to them and told them to just sit at our table and we would just double up seats if we had to.
(A photo from that night)
I ended up spending the majority of the night talking to these guys--Mark Clayman and Billy Zabka. While I was talking to Billy he karate kid chopped me and said, "You don't seem like the typical Hollywood kid." Relax he did not really karate chop me--just a leg sweep.
Even though he was probably talking about my awesome hair (wave iron!) or my gigantic gold flower band I responded, "God keeps my feet on the ground." Billy nudged Mark with excitement, "I knew it. Hey Mark. She's our sister!" No I wasn't their long lost, adopted sister. I was their sister in Christ. We shared a common faith in Jesus Christ.

From that night, those guys really became like my big brothers. They took me under their wings and looked out for me. They encouraged me in my faith and they introduced me to Media Fellowship International. A ministry that offered Bible Studies and ministered to people in the entertainment business. Mark, Billy and I went on two outreach trips with MFI to Minnesota and North Dakota. I will do a later blog post about those trips.

Mark and Billy lived in a house they called "Happy Camp." Me and my friends would sometimes hang out there. I have such fond and funny (these guys are hilarious) memories with Mark and Billy. I thank God for sending them my way.
(At happy camp. Yes, Billy missed his calling in the fashion world.)

(At an Athletes and Entertainers for Kids event)

I have not seen these guys in many years, but thanks to facebook I see pics of their beautiful families. Billy recently became a dad and Mark has two cute kids.

(This was taken at Mark's house. I think it was about five years ago.)

If you haven't seen this "Sweep the Leg" video . . . it's funny. Who hasn't seen and loved "The Karate Kid?"
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Mirinda said...

Girl you were rocking that gold-lame flower. Rock on!

How cool they are Christians...helps me like Billy {right one?} better cause I was very upset with him for years after Karate Kid.

And did he put your SHOE in his MOUTH? Oh the things we do when young...LOL

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