Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Don't Need an Interior Decorator

Pin It Now! I've been doing some blog surfing and what I have discovered is that there are a lot crafty and artistically gifted women out there. Who blog about it. And then take and post professional pictures of their remodel, repaint, fancy-pants artwork, bedroom overhaul, professional-looking children's craft, etc. Moreover, they throw out designer words (that I have never even heard of) as if they were every day, common people vernacular. I'm not gonna say names, but you know who you are. And you probably wouldn't be caught dead reading this blog as it might corrupt your design savvy and make your eyes bleed so I am really not sure why I directed that last statement at you. But if by chance you are reading . . . I want you to know that this is a genetic condition. And I actually like looking at your pretty stuff.

Meanwhile, I am busting out kids' bedrooms that look like this. Jealous? It's not that our IKEA stuff didn't work out, it's just those high quality shades are actually behind those blankets doing a great back-up job of keeping the light out. It's not that Shiloh's Grandma's colorful quilt and the Care Bear blanket don't make completely stylish window coverings. Nor am I saying that Shiloh's use of beach towels to block the night light from Jordis is not an obvious decorator's touch. And I am confident that an expresso finished sleigh bed totally coordinates with cinnamon stained baby furniture. And the pseudo matching nightstand from the 1940s does tie it all together . . .

I guess what I am saying is that I would like a better camera.
And if I wanted to have a blog that featured beautiful rooms with coordinated junk and stuff I totally could. I would just have to sell my house over and over again and pay professional stagers and have a professional photographer to take photos. And we would have to move in with my parents to maintain aforementioned designafication (BAM - just used my own designer word!).

P.S. Stop what you are doing and go take photos of your Dirty Minivan. Do not manipulate it's condition. Let it live freely as it does in its everyday life. It's about time for the second annual DMV competition here. If you don't know what I am talking about and have always wanted a rubber chicken . . . check out last year's competition.
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Brian said...

Ah Maaan, Angie just took the 3 kids all the way to Mexico for our youth mission trip.... The car would have been a fer sure winner... But alas, we just cleaned it..

Amy said...

Yes! Perfect timing for the competition. I am going to be a true contender this time. And the fact that I am happy/proud about that is disturbing.

I could also rival your decorating faux pas. Maybe you should have a BRGB (Baby Rooms Gone Bad) segment. I don't understand how people keep those PBK's rooms looking so pristine.

Function over style right?

Heather | Cookie Mondays said...

I WILL win the car competition. Here I go.

Tegan and Tage said...

Sadly, I'm a neat freak. So my stuff is "neat"... just not necessarily "clean". And we had blankets over the windows in Mase's room for months. I finally sewed dark brown felt to the backs of them-- and when I say "sewed" what I really mean is that one of them is sewn and the other is still just pinned...

CAP17 said...

Wendy, you and your family have mad decorating skills. I have not made the move to minivan (although my car is up next for a new lease and the honda odyssey is in my future) about a contest for the most UNdecorated kids room? Really, it will make me feel better about all my mismatches...I always envy those people with the perfectly coordinated nursery. Seriously, do they have real live KIDS that live in there?

TDM Wendy said...

We only takes about a week to recover from a DMV clean up. By the time all the entries are due, Angie will be back in the running and able to complete.
Looking forward it. Yes, function (or is it dysfunction?) over style.
Bring it.
You can enter one of those fancy, crafty, designer competitions.
It doesn't actually have to be a minivan. Shooooot, you don't even need to have the excuse of children to have a messy car for this competition.
And you are the second to request a Baby Room Gone Bad competition. Maybe that will be next...

Mirinda said...

You will LOVE my post coming up tonight. All ideas of my decorated world will come crashing to the ground cause girl I'm getting real for 'ya! :) And I would share pics of my TRASHED minivan BUT I actually cleaned that booger spotless yesterday! Only cause we are getting a new car tomorrow....that we can then trash.

{and we do the blanket-on-the-window thing too}

Barbie said...

Seriously, YOU CRACK ME UP! I'm going to have to do a post about your's that good! And te DMV contest...BRING IT! And Amy's comment about BRGB...So funny. Seriously, thanks for the early morning smile.

Amelia@MyTwoRedheads said...

You are so funny, I can totally relate! The picture of your kids room looks like it could be at my house:)