Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stylin' Saturday - Something's Off

Pin It Now! Do you see the fashion statement in this look? Yeah, me neither. I didn't even notice until someone pointed it out to us. It happens when your kids are self-dressed. So worth it.
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CynthiaK said...

It's the latest, didn't you know? Little Missmatched? She's so up with trends...

Bill & Jenn said...

Hey, at least they are on the right feet!! That's half the battle. :)

Invited In said...

That is so cute! At least it will be totally normal feeling to her when she walks out the door as a Mom some day with two different shoes on!

How's the potty training going? Btw, how did you get it so you can email a blog comment? You are so techy. Graham is finally potty trained. Except he holds it until the very last minute and keeps having accidents on the floor. He went so much on the floor in the bathroom the other day that it went down our vent! It smells of pee so bad in that bathroom....can't get rid of the stink!!
Oh the joys of motherhood:)
Thanks for making me smile today! Have a great weekend.