Monday, March 15, 2010

Potty Training - The 270 Day Method

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For those of you have followed Lydia's potty training life and my strong-willed daughter . . . you know we practice the 270 Day Potty Training Method. If you are not familiar with our saga go get caught up because um . . . um . . . it is really important?
What She is Capable Of
A Day of Many Outfit Changes
Potty Training Stinks

After seven months of "potty training" and two months back in Pull-Ups . . . Lydia has been in underwear and had no laxidents in four days!

Now to all you sweet friends who offered her bribes - time to start the pay off. Marissa, she is stoked about her "3-days dry" prize from you. She also looks forward to her lunch date with her Awana teacher. Grandpa, she is ready to go on a date with you. Did I leave anyone out? She is still accepting offers.
And now I have to figure out which dance class to sign her up for!
Potty party!

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mel @ the larson lingo said...

I hope she continues to stay dry.
I think YOU are the one who deserves a treat/present/prize! I say we celebrate with a trip to Coffee Bean :)

The Waltenburgs said...

Oh, man.. Those bottom three photos are brilliant. That should be the first thing people see when they walk into your home.

Tegan and Tage said...

Way to go Lydia!

Laxidents?! Oh I can't wait until we're dealing with potty training.

TDM Wendy said...

A laxident is a term I made up. With Lydia it was not an accident, she was just being lax about going to the bathroom. It was "lazy accidents" or "laxidents." I think all kids have them. Lydia just chose to have them a lot.

jennyonthespot said...

Mercy on all the earth she is A-DORABLE!

Lucy just turned 5. She had 2 accidents today. We are on a 700 day plan, I supppose.

Simply Sara said...

I know how exciting this is as we are STILL practicing the 270 day method with my strong willed 3 year old.
UGH! I hate potty training!
When I potty trained my oldest it took 3 days. THREE DAYS!
So, I was totally caught of guard when it didn't work for my daughter!

Ok, I'm done complaining now.
Yay for you! I'm glad the 270 day method finally works (gives me hope)