Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hollywood Days - Jason Marsden Part 1

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I know I said that Christina Nigra was going to be posting it up this week. However, she is busy cleaning out her dirty minivan (or is it still a Prius?) so Jason stepped up to the plate! You may have seen him on "The Munsters Today" or "Step by Step" or the movie "White Squall" or "Fun with Dick and Jane" or a number of other things. You also may have heard his voice - it's all over the cartoon world! And he is still going strong in the entertainment business . . . welcome Jason Marsden!

Hello to Wendy's readers! Ready for some more teen-actor memories?! In trying to decide which yarn to spin, I perused an old album of pictures for inspiration. The bulk of what I was looking at were my days working on the Universal Backlot. Which is appropriate, I think, because that’s where Wendy and I met while she was working on Lassie.
(Wendy, me, and her friend Sara)

That’s also where I met Dah Ve and Carol Anne who were just mere soundstages away working on their respective shows.
I know Christina came to visit me a few times, David Moscow (who will be guest posting soon)well . . . David was too, “Big” and famous to hang out with the likes of us. Unless it was a teen magazine photo shoot - he loved those! (Wendy totally added that last sentence and knows she will get full retribution for that comment if David ever reads it.)
Anyhoo, that particular point in time seems to tie us all together. So yes, I’ll delight you with Munster Memories!

Quick recap on me. Originally from Rhode Island, re-located to Los Angeles in 1987 with my parents. Nearly a year into our stay it was recommended to my folks that they attempt to get me into the biz. The did. I was graciously accepted. After booking a few commercials, some voice overs, and guest gigs on different projects, I landed my first television series: “The Munsters Today”. I played Little Eddie. We taped the first season at the old Hollywood Center Studios, which is where I first met Christina Nigra!
(Christina came to visit! The pic is a little weird lookin' cuz it's a fancy schmancy 3D photo! That's right, we were in 3D before it became cool!)

I had seen her on Twilight Zone and Cloak and Dagger and was, admittedly, a little star-struck to meet her. We became pals after sharing the same Publicist with the likes of Brian Austin Green and Stephen Dorff and attending many fun Teen-Celeb events.

(My pal Danica McKellar (Wonder Years) and her sis, Crystal came to visit! Danica and I became fast friends after discovery that we shared the exact same birthday. I think I'm a few hours older. **Side note by Wendy: I am trying to get Danica to do a guest post too. She is now on the verge of joining the Totally Desperate Mom club. Due with her first baby this Fall!)
(Me, in my Little Lord Fauntleroy get up, with Lee Merriwether who was Miss USA 1955, and Catwoman in the 60s Batman movie. When Munsters Today got picked up for a second season, they decided to ditch the purple duds and give Eddie a 'cooler' look.)
I enjoyed playing Eddie. Yes, I dare say, I even enjoyed the purple Little Lord Fauntleroy suit I had to wear every week.
(You never know who would stop by the set. Here's Jonathan Winters!)

I’ve always been a fan of Halloween and playing dress up, and as long as I can remember, being fascinated with Hollywood Special FX! The Munsters more than sated that fascination. Especially, when we found out we were to be picked up for a second and third season, and relocated to Universal Studios!


Come back next Wednesday for Part 2 of Jason's posts. More pics and stories of his adventures on the backlot of Universal Studios! If you have a question for Jason leave a comment and I'm sure he'd love to answer them. He's friendly like that. In the meantime, a big congratulations to Jason and his beautiful wife, Christy. They welcomed Clark Otis into this world on February 17th of this year. Just 3 1/2 months before he was scheduled to arrive! And praise God the little blessing who was born so prematurely is doing great! You can check out Clark and stay updated with his growth and adventures on their blog, Chronicles of Clark.
**Part 2 of Jason's Post.
*** My Q & A with Jason about his role in the movie Blue Like Jazz.

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Alisha said...

OMGosh! Jason Marsden... now THAT is a name I haven't though of in AGES! I had a mondo crush on him when he was on Step By Step! I would watch and dream of how both of us would someday meet (and in all likelihood since I lived in Podunkville, TX, I know!)and fall in love, and live happily ever after wherever the career would take us. I met Brandon Call, the guy who played J.T., at a car show, but it wasn't nearly as sweet as it would have been to meet Jason. We're talking fainting, freaking out, babbling, with maybe a little side of vomit.

Yes, a tad bit obsessed. Totally awesome you're doing this post! Big congrats on your life with baby and wife!

Don't worry... I've gotten 10 years of marriage and 3 kids under my belt now. I don't think I'm going to freak out anymore. Much.

Now, I have to go email my friend to gush and reminisce. :D

TDM Wendy said...

Thanks for the "Step by Step" reminder. Forgot about that one. Just added it to his list at the top of the post. Glad you have your marriage and kids now so that there will be no vomiting today! Too funny.

Tegan and Tage said...

I love the pictures. These posts bring back so many memories from my childhood! Congrats on the little one, Jason. So glad your son is doing well!

anonymous said...

Hi Wendy,
I wanted to let you know that I am praying for you today. I am praying for you and your book to find favor and an embracing of the "Jesus stuff" along with the Desperate Mom. After all, that's what turns the chaos into character and the gross into grace.
Love your sense of humor and enjoying your blog!

CAP17 said...

Ahh the memories of universal studios! Seems like a lifetime ago...oh wait, it was!! Can't wait for Part 2...I want more pics!!

Mirinda said...

How cool- great pics! And oh my, look at that TINY baby!!!

Dayngr | Dayngrous Discourse said...

I've often wondered what David Moscow was doing career-wise. Big is still one of my favorite movies. Great guest post by Jason! Kudos & can't wait to read his blog next.

SunnyD said...

Ok, wow! I'm suddenly wishing for my acid wash-tight rolled jeans, and to hear someone say "Gag me with a spoon!"

I have been a "friend" (Can we really call meeting only in cyberspace for quick playful banter a friend? Times really have changed.) of Jason's on Myspace and Facebook for a while and decided to look up some more on the baby and came across your blog. Talk about a blast from the past! I forgot Allyson Hannigan had brunette hair! I think I may be taking a walk down memory lane for a few days with your blogs. Thanks for posting them!