Friday, April 16, 2010

Time to Vote!

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It is time to judge, but remember it's a vote for love. I know I have many OCD readers and friends who can barely even handle saying the words "Dirty Minivan." There are others of you who hear those words and it is like music to your soul. And you begin to dance. But you can't find your dancing shoes because they are in your DMV beneath a stack of jackets, crushed goldfish, and receipts. Can we all just get along?

One vote per person, but if you involve other members of your household (not your pets or anyone who wears diapers) you can vote on their behalf. Leave your vote in a comment. You don't need to explain why you voted for a particular vehicle, but it does make things a little bit more fun if you do.

Although you might be compelled to vote for me (that is an updated pic of my DMV at the top of the voting page), I will not accept your accolades. I know I am a winner.

Thanks for playing. And remember-where there is love, there is a trashed car.
Now go be a good citizen and rock the vote. Check out all the links as well as the submission from a non-blogger! Voting is open until April 25th. Tell a friend.

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Traci Michele said...

You are too cute! haha

Come check out the Spring Cleaning Party today...

Got any advice to share? Maybe some van-cleaning advice?

Hugs to you friend! I watched you on growing pains. LOVE THAT SHOW!


Heather | Cookie Mondays said...

So I thoroughly disgusted and embarassed my husband with my post, which I let him stumble across on his own.

Do we vote here or under the original post??

TDM Wendy said...

Vote on your original post. And don't worry, husbands have a hard time understanding this kind of love. They say, "Why do you let the kids eat in the car?" That's like saying, "Why do you let the kids breath in the
Survival people, survival.

Janelle said...

I laughed (and cried) when I looked at those pictures. The one with the dried, curdled milk gets my vote. And my sympathy.

Anonymous said...

Erin gets my vote Wendy! You KILL me! xo Keri

Mirinda said...

I vote for husband seconds that! LOL

"Miss" Anita said...

Thank you, Mirinda (and hubby)!!! :)