Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Am Short

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Yes, these guys are kinda big, but come on Shorty. Can you guess how tall I am?
This pic was taken after UCLA beat USC for the fifth time in a row. Man, how times have changed. And Lindsay, lovin' the crop top on your man. I hope you still keep him dressing like that.

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Erin @ BringingUpBurns said...

Ok like what? 5'2"??
I never woulda guessed you were short.
And congrats on getting your book published!! So exciting. That is one of my lifetime goals.
Off to pre-order now.

PS - know why it's gloomy and raining in SoCal for three days straight? Cause I PAID to have my car washed for the first time in a year. Yep. It's better than a rain dance.

KQ said...

I think I remember reading that you are 5'1" in one of your blogs.

Andra Jamison said...

Nothing wrong w/being a shorty:-) Plus I'm more impressed w/your massive quad muscle...were you on the juice w/those football players??

Mommy Diffee said...

Oh how fun! I guess 5 feet!!!!

TDM Wendy said...


Erin- I love that you had no idea that I was short. Because well, I have always been short and the possibility of someone thinking I could be tall . . . that's cool.
Thanks for the pre-order!

The Juice? If an ice blended mocha from The Coffee Bean was the juice I was totally on that. Oh to be 19.

Mommy Diffee-
So close.

Lindsay said...

Love it Wendy! I do still prefer crop tops on my man, but only when he's mowing our front lawn...the neighbor's dig it too. Check out the hair-do on #53-that's I'm talking about...give the man a head band already! That's a great picture of great friends during a great time in life! I may have to use that picture to sell out my husband to his players :)

TDM Wendy said...

Yeah I thought this pic might give you some leverage! Although football players would probably get the whole "tucked in jersey so they can't grab my shirt" thing.

Lucy postpartumillness.com said...

I think you are 5'1" but man what great quad muscle you have. I remember the legs I had durng my cheer days from all the jumping. Stopping by from UBP http://postpartumillness.com/

Mirinda said...

I'm guessing around 5 feet...oh to be so tiny and dainty. I miss being a teenager. HAHA.