Friday, May 21, 2010

This Little Prayer of Mine

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I am not a product or book review blog. But the author, Tony, contacted me (and thousands of other mom bloggers) out there and asked me to check out his new children's book "This Little Light of Mine." It might just be the last book review request I get . . .
Oh well, it's not my thing.

The illustrations are fabulous. And funny . . . even though I don't know that they are supposed to be.

"Whenever I feel all mixed up, unsure of what to do, please show me what the right path is and help me follow you." (to school not to the carnival!!!)

"But most of all I'm grateful for your love that never ends." (And for the fact that my dad would not be caught dead in these jean knickers.)

"And when I act a little bad, not like I know I should, forgive me, God. Please don't be mad, and help me to be good." (Is he talking about the kids or the dad who is asleep on the job?)

Overall, I like the book. The only part I am not crazy about is the last page where it reads:
"There's just one other thing I'd like to ask again. Please love me God, forevermore. That's all I want. Amen." God loves us. Period. I don't want my children to think they have to keep asking Him to love them. So I read that page and have a conversation with them about God's unconditional love for them.
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Karisa said...

I am definitely going to check this book. it looks great! Thanks for reviewing it!!

Karisa said...

I just noticed your comment about what it says at the end. I'm not too crazy about that either. I already ordered the book though because besides that, it seems like a great kid's book. I will probably point that out to the kids and change the ending to "Thank you, God for loving me. That is all I NEED"