Thursday, May 27, 2010

Princess Birthday Party

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Lydia had her 4th birthday party last week. Ariel came. Lydia dressed like Ariel. Wig and all. But she wanted her hair flat ironed under the wig.
Lydia was playing the grump before the party.
We took her to Safeway to pick out a birthday cake. She chose this wedding cake.

She also wanted a bridal bouquet. I told her no -- too much $$. But then safeway made one for $12 so I got it and she was stoked.

Shiloh and I dressed up for the party too. It was nice to give my wedding dress some use after 12 years in hibernation.
It kind of looked like we were taking prom pictures and that Shiloh was pinning a coursage on me. But he was just removing a sewing needle that was stuck inside the dress at the shoulder. It's usually where I store them.

When Kathy and Lily showed up Lydia greeted them with "Where's my present?" Made me so proud. They went back to the car and got their present and this was Lydia's reaction.

Lydia asked Ariel why her hair was not flat ironed.

Ariel painted all the princesses' faces.

And she taught the girls how to have a proper tea party. I won't tell you that her plastic princess set was moldy and that is why there is huge jug of apple juice on the table instead of a dainty, plastic teapot.

When Ariel was leaving Lydia shouted with excitement, "Next time I'm having Sleeping Beauty come to my party!" What she doesn't know is that I am hiring myself next year. I will be the princess mommy and I will be free.

And finally, Jordis had a good time at the party.

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Barbie said...

Just did a quick catch up on your blog.
1)Very cute princess party. Your Lydia cracks me up!! I think our girls could give eachother a run for their money b/c I could totally see my little lady asking where her presents were. :)
2) HILARIOUS fan letter and picture. So sad that they have nothing better to do. (Well, wait, I guess I'm basically doing the same thing) ;)
3) You looked beautiful in the conference pictures. Glad you had a great time. Maybe next year...
4) What a sweet poem by your dad. I think my garden needs a little attention. :)

Tegan and Tage said...

I can't wait to see you as Sleeping Beauty next year! :) Love that you and Shiloh donned your wedding garb. Lydia is so darn cute!

Mirinda said...

I love it! What a great mom & dad to dress up in your wedding digs :) And I'm guessing that Ariel was not a family friend?!

Anonymous said...

Good grief, I am soooo jealous! You can still fit in your wedding dress! You are a bad person. I am a fat person, but you're bad. But I guess I forgive you ;)

Your girls are a hoot. I love her face when she saw the bouquet. And the cake is just toooo much. You're such an awesome mom. :) And everyone knows you have to flat iron your hair to wad up to put under a wig. LOL you know, you could probably kill a Vulcan with that one and the old "To read more turn over" double-sided card...