Monday, June 07, 2010

My Speaking/Book World Tour

Pin It Now! Sike! "Made you look now you're in a baby book!" (That's what Elijah brought home from school.) There will be no world tour because I still have (and want) my day job. The motherhood.

I am lining up my small Southern California speaking/book tour for the fall. A week in Orange County in October and a week in the L.A. area in November. I am close to getting all my dates and churches finalized and will post those times and places soon. So if you live in Southern California maybe you can come harass me or bring me flowers or be my back-up dancer.

In the meantime, here are some more pics from the Design 4 Living Conference that fabulous photographer Becky High took.

Me and the real world touring speakers - Elisa Morgan and Debbie Asldorf.

You can read my other post about my experience at the Design 4 Living conference.
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Jill & Grant said...

1. you look gorgeous.
2. i can't wait to be your backup dancer in LA.
3. did i say you look gorgeous? you do.