Sunday, October 10, 2010

Don't Let Your Children Play With Your Cell Phone

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This is not one of my typical blog posts, but I thought this was important information since moms do use cell phones. And since a lot of my readers are crazy, pregnant ladies and women with young children (whose brains are not fully developed) I think this information is especially important.

This is an email from one of my husbands colleagues. It is not a chain letter. You will not receive a check from Microsoft or AOL from passing this information along. This is from a woman named Ellie Marks whose husband has a brain tumor from cell phone use. I know most of you will not be able to attend this meeting, but it is a reminder not to hold your cell phones up to your ear whenever possible. Use headphones or the bluetooth in your car. And don't let your children play games on your cell phones unless you have turned it on airport mode. I know, I know, everything causes cancer these days . . . but this is something easy that you can do to protect yourself and your children. And why take the risk on this one?

Dear Friends,

Since I wrote to you about a year ago on the cell phone/brain cancer issue a lot has transpired.

Please join world renowned experts and me Monday night to learn:

1) About the recently enacted San Francisco cell phone Right to Know legislation and the response of this despicable industry.

2) Why cell phone/brain cancer victims from across the nation demonstrated this past week with the California Brain Tumor Association in San Francisco at industry’s final convention.

3) How the United States Congress promised me they would not let this die after I testified and they recently announced initiation of cell phone legislation!

4) How I caught the FCC and CTIA in collusion on 9/20 (Washington Post) at a Burlingame hearing on this issue! BURLINGAME OFFICE- you are blessed with a terrific city council! They are courageous and deeply concerned about the health of their citizens! I have a fabulous video of the hearing – contact me if you are interested!

5) Why the industry will not tell us the truth!

6) WHY REALTORS ARE A GROUP WITH GREAT RISK! 9 Realtors in San Diego contacted me recently (together) that have gliomas from their cell phone use. Their neurosurgeons confirmed this.

7) How cell phone user guides are telling us in font too tiny to read to NEVER keep the device on at your head or your body. And learn the shocking new language in regard to teens and pregnant women!

8) How the science is conclusive and it is not just brain cancer. Since appearing on Larry King Live I have been contacted by many (including doctors) who know cell phones are causing cancers all over the body.

9) Why you should be outraged and why you should be greatly concerned!

10) How my family never thought this would happen to them!

11) What you can do to protect yourself and your children and grandchildren

Please give yourself and your family a gift by coming to hear world renowned experts speak on the most critical health catastrophe in world history.

Please distribute this widely and join us on Indigenous People’s Day in Berkeley (otherwise known as Columbus Day)!

Monday October 11 at 7p.m.

Berkeley JCC

1414 Walnut Street


$10 donation (not mandatory)

Cancer’s Calling !

Dr. Devra Davis, Washington D.C. based cancer researcher, epidemiologist, Nobel laureate and author of new book “Disconnect- the truth about cell phone radiation, what the industry is doing to hide it and how you can protect yourself” will speak along with national activist, Ellie Marks, whose husband has a glioma from his long term cell phone use, and Lloyd Morgan, Berkeley scientist and expert on this issue.

$10 donation requested but not mandatory.

I know many of you have made changes to your cell phone use and I am thrilled!

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Sisterlisa said...

Thank you for sharing this. I don't like talking on the phone so I text mostly, or use speaker phone. but my husband has his practically glued to his ear..I'm telling him about this now.

Leticia said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. I will be using an ear piece from here on out. After talking with my husband I and he are wondering if this could be the cause or a contributing factor in my endless very painful and debilitating migraines :(

arshad said...

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