Friday, October 08, 2010

Ironman Chris Lieto

Pin It Now! Tomorrow is a big day.

1. I will be on the Drew Marshall Show tomorrow at about 12:15pm (PST). Please pray for me and tune in to the live webstream. I won't really be talking about motherhood, but about when God has shown up in my life. Drew is a Christian turned Agnostic searching, searching, searching.

2. UCLA plays Cal in football. Go Bruins!

3. The Ironman World Championship takes place tomorrow. You know the one where you run a marathon (26.2 miles), swim for 2.4 miles, and then bike a mere 112 miles? And if you're like me you're thinking - When do they go the bathroom?
I know what else you are thinking.
Wendy, how can you compete in Ironman and be on the radio at the same time?
Well, I just can't. So I have asked Chris Lieto to step in for me. I've known Chris since high school youth group and his wife is one of my dear friends. And their son is Elijah's best friend. They do triathlons together.
Thus, Chris was willing to jump in the race once again on my behalf and this year he is going to win it! (He came in second last year. Second in the whole freakin' world!) He is so big time he has to wear disguises - even when just hanging poolside with the fam.

(photo by

Besides just racing on my behalf :), Chris is racing on behalf of impoverished children throughout the wold. He has started More Than Sport where he is seeking to get a child sponsored through World Vision for every mile of his race. That's 141 lives drastically changed. Clothed. Educated. Loved. Fed. Encouraged. Supported. Check out More Than Sport!

Please pray for Chris Lieto tomorrow and for all those children who have some serious love coming their way!

P.S. Chris's kids are featured in Totally Desperate Mom: Keepin' it Real in the Motherood. If you read the book you might remember the story of what happened when dad was on a business trip in Hawaii . . .

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Sheri said...

OK, now that is wild! We just got back earlier this week from HI and I do recall seeing a dude with that exact same helmet/bike-so it probably was him! I saw the #2 dude? We couldn't believe all the folks who were in training for it...even old geezers! Well his day is gonna be a tough one-those conditions were something else. Hot, muggy and very, very steep (for the run and bike ride).
Hope he wins this time! :o)

Sheri said...

U know what? I know it was him cuz I saw those arm bands (white sleeves) and wondered why he was wearing em! Totally cool. FYI: he looked great-not exhausted or anything (that was last Saturday)....:0)

The Waltenburgs said...

Shoot! So bummed to have missed the live webstream. Looking forward to hearing how it went.