Thursday, October 07, 2010

Kathi Lipp + Leonardo DiCaprio + free book

Pin It Now! Another chance to win a free copy of my book. You have until tomorrow 10/8/10. This time head over to Kathi Lipp's blog. She (indirectly) hugged Leonardo diCaprio.

And if you don't like free things then pick up a copy on Amazon. Not because you neeeeeeed it. But because:
1. You are a mom and would love some laughter and encouragement.
2. You want to feel normal.
3. You only have time for short, easy, 20-minutes-per-chapter reading.
4. You know a mom who could use a little pick-me-up.
5. You know someone who is pregnant and could use an "unadviceful" parenting book that will get her excited and healthily scared about her upcoming journey.
6. When you grow up you want to look like this . . .

If you really identified with #6 you might want to order the book directly through me. Because maybe you'll catch some of my morning glory. Pin It Now!