Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Alyson Hannigan - You'd Like Her

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When I was in So Cal for my book/speaking stuff I saw a lot of old friends from all different time periods of my life. Like friends of the late 80s/early 90s who indulged with me in stone washed, zipper pants, Reebok hightops, scrunchies, bang nests, and the like. Alyson Hannigan was one of those friends, although I don't know that I ever caught her wearing a scrunchy. You can check out some of our dashing outfits on my previous post about Alyson.

One afternoon I went by Alyson's house for a visit. You probably know her from How I Met Your Mother because that show seems to have quite a large following. Alyson is nominated for a People's Choice Award for Favorite TV Comedy Actress. Go vote for her!

I first met Alyson on the audition for "The New Lassie" 22 years ago!!!

She was one of my best friends in Hollywood when I lived in L.A. from 89' to 92'. We lost touch for a while, reconnected briefly when I was down at UCLA, lost touch again, and recently reconnected thanks to Twitter!

I think it had been at least 14 years since we had seen each other. But it was like no time had passed. It was so great to meet her husband and adorable daughter. And when I say adorable I mean, exceptionally cute. Off the charts. Full of facial expressions, a confident head nod, and a large vocabulary for a toddler. They are a tight-knit family and Alyson and Alexis are awesome parents.

And they care about purified water and have done their water homework, which makes them kindred spirits with Shiloh and me. You might remember our romantic trip to the Penta water factory on our 10-year anniversary.

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Kim | It's All Reitz said...

I love HIMYM!! My fave show. Alyson is awesome!

Nancy said...

I dont' watch sitcoms but I do watch HIMYM and it rocks. She is fabulous. Absolutley fabulous. I am so star struck right now. Seriously, I am.:)

TDM Wendy said...

Kim - Make sure you vote for Alyson for People's Choice Award!
Nancy - Once you come out of your stuckenness ... go vote for Alyson for People's Choice award. Maybe she can thank you in her acceptance speech?

Abby said...

Voting! We're big Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans around here, and so I naturally love Alyson. Fabulous actress, and more importantly, sounds like she's a really great person and mom.

Jami Schoettler said...

She will always be Willow to me! I even saw American Wedding before I watched Buffy on DVD, but she's still Willow. She is so cute. She doesn't look like she's aged since then at all! I will vote for sure. How great to be able to reconnect!

TDM Wendy said...

Abby - Yes she is a very talented actress and I know she appreciates your vote.
Jami - She has not aged. Skin looks perfect. And natural.

Mauimandy@Thegrainsofparadise said...

Awe! Cute post Wendy! I seriously cannot believe you were on Lassie 22 yrs ago....where oh where did that time go!! xo Aloha!

Lucy said...

Ok I voted and sent it out on FB.