Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Six Day Trip to So Cal

Pin It Now! I just got back from Los Angeles where I was down there speaking at some churches and visiting 482 friends. All by myself. That means, I had no mommy-responsibilities for SIX DAYS! It was an awesome time. So great to reconnect with people. I enjoyed the freedom to be able to sleep in and go jogging all by myself four days in a row!!! That being said, at the end of my six-day adventure I was refreshed and ready to get back to the motherhood. And I was so happy to return to my husband who is incredible. He was home with all three kids the whole time. No problem. If he were available for hire as a nanny I would snatch him right up. Don't get any ideas, he is not available to be your manny.

My dear friend Stacy flew in from Arizona to chill with me for a few days. The first night we went out to dinner (The Cheesecake Factory, I love that place) with some of my college girlfriends.

I spoke at King's Harbor Church MOPS group the next morning.

Then we headed out to Paramount Studios where we met up with Robin (Shiloh's Stepmom) and watched a taping of "The Doctors." My friend Shannon is a producer on the show. The show's topic? Forty Tips to Have better Sex Tonight. Don't ask me for my notes, just watch the show on Nov. 16th. But I will leave you with this . . . eat avacados and hug your spouse for at least 20 seconds. ** Update: Here is a preview of the show and I'm on it.

They seated us in the front row so I am guessing you will see us on TV.
And we got a goodie bag to take home. Stacy brought hers in her carry on bag when she flew home. Not realizing exactly what was in it. You know liquids and stuff that were related to the show's topic. It was confiscated at security. She was totally not embarassed :)
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CynthiaK said...

What a great looking six days! How fun and refreshing!

One of these days I really must get to a Cheesecake Factory, don't I? Never tried it...

TDM Wendy said...

You aren't really livin' until you've been to the Cheesecake Factory. Whether you like cheesecake or not.

Lindsay said...

What a fun 6 day treat! This post was fun b/c it was a little blast from the past for me...Shannon and I were on the same AIA team one year and Katie and Phebus! Yeah, what a fun trip. A different Katie, an old teammate of mine, loved you Wendy and had a great time hearing you share. I feel like I need to end this comment with an 8-clap....Go Bruins!

TDM Wendy said...

Lindsay- yes shannon from AIA camp. Good times. And so fun to see Katie at MOPS. 8 clap.