Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Who You Meet at Auditions

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I have a lot of new blog material, but no time to write about it right now. So here is another rerun from my Hollywood Days. Next week will be fresh and exciting stuff. Well, it will be a new post anyway.

This is a pre-Lassie photo. Kerry and I had an audition for something. Can't remember what it was (Kerry do you remember?). I think it was at NBC Studios in Burbank. We ran into this guy at the audition. At the time, he was a somewhat well-known actor. Okay, so he was only somewhat well-known if you read Teen Beat magazine. In fact, I cannot remember if he was even on a show or what. But we thought he was hot and were stoked to meet him AND take a picture with him. As luck was have it I was feeling good because I was equipped with my UNITS belt. I'm sure he felt good about his Mom Jeans. And I know for a fact that Kerry felt confident in her three sizes too big Rugby shirt and Swatch watch.
Does anyone know who this guy is? If you can identify this mystery man I will give you... ummm...absolutely nothing. But I will think you are really cool for the rest of my life.

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jenna said...

I know who he is!! Your mystery man is Andre Gower. (not Andrew, but Andre) He guest starred on several shows and was a main character in the movie The Moster Squad. I had a huge crush on him!!

jenna said...

sorry, I missed the n key, the movie he was in is called The Monster Squad. LOL :)

Annett/Fit Moms Fit Kids Club said...

Aw man! I was hoping to win absolutely nothing! :) I think that's a great prize Wendy, you thinking someone is the coolest is the coolest prize, since you are the coolest mama out there. :) lol!

TDM Wendy said...

Jenna, You are really cool for life! I don't think I ever even saw The Monster Sqaud, but maybe I will have to rent it now. Way to go!

Annett, Sorry. I still think you are cool though.

Jenna said...

AWWW thanks Wendy for saying I'm cool! After seeing your picture, I dug out some boxes from my teen years, and guess what-Andre Gower had a fan club and I still have my fan club card and autographed glossy photo he sent me! Now how funny is that? :) You can find some clips of The Monster Squad on youtbue!

TL said...

I so had the UNITS belt too. With the whole green units skirt and jacket. Really green. Like kelly green.

Andre said...

Hi Wendy - was me in that photo with you guys in some random hallway! Sorry about the Mom Jeans (I have much better ones nowadays). Too funny.

Even though this is an fairly old post, I thought I would drop you a comment and say to you and your readers. Take care everybody!