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I Went to Kirk Cameron's House . . . Uninvited

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This is a rerun and it's long, but I'm pretty sure it will be worth your time. And I updated it at the end.

I wanted to marry Kirk Cameron. And this is my E True Hollywood Story:

One year me and my compadres (Shannon and Kerry) went down for two weeks to L.A. for "pilot season." That's when sample shows are made in hopes of getting picked up for an entire season. My memory is a bit blurred. I am not sure it is the brain loss from childbearing and rearing or all the alcohol I never consumed.

Fortunately, Shannon's mind is crystal clear on the events leading up to the Kirk invasion. She has one kid and is an alcoholic. Okay she is not an alcoholic, but she would be if she had an alcohol addiction.

The following is her account of the events: (My commentary will be in blue and parenthesis.)

It was the Spring Break 1989. (So we are celebrating our 20-year anniversary of this historic event. If anyone wants to send us gifts, that's cool.)

We had ventured to LA for two or three weeks of auditions, our mothers rotating in and out to care for us. On the evening of the alleged Kirk stalking, we were in my mother's custody. (Rather, she was in our custody.)

The story begins where all great teen dramas (and pregnant ladies graze) Taco Bell.
The Taco Bell on Barham, across from Warner Bros, to be precise, where we had just wrapped up an audition for God knows what. Our stunning pre-pubescent looks caught the eye of a hot, young actor who had just shot his first pilot and was on his way to stardom. (See photo)
You all remember him from the Young Guns TV show, right? Yeah, I thought so.

We had no sooner finished our low-cal meal of multiple bean & cheese burritos, chicken soft tacos, and Mexican pizzas, when Wendy spotted Khrystyne Haje of Head of the Class, pulling out of the studio in her little convertible. "Follow that red hair!" she shouted. (Really Shannon? That was my shout out?! Doubtful. I am not denying that I may have recognized her and ordered the pursuit, but I just question the whole "Hey red head!" approach. As I recall, Shannon was just as eager to stalk and follow the young actress. And if you know Shannon, you know how animated she is. I know Kerry is nodding her head right now.)

And for some reason, my mother listened (Probably because of the screaming girls in the car. But deep down, I think she was a HUGE Haje fan.)
We lost Kristine after a few lights; the Chevy station wagon was no match for her sports car.

But Wendy had a better idea! "I know where Kirk Cameron lives! Let's go to his house so I can give him this friendship bracelet!" (I don't recall the details on the sequence of events, but I know search was more premeditated than this. I had the two page, hand-written letter in hand. Perhaps I carried it around with me in hopes that one of our moms would cave. And I had worked long and hard weaving the green and blue friendship bracelet. I had gotten his address from a kid I met on an audition who went to school with Candace Cameron. He gave me the address and I don't think I even had to give him gum or anything. I imagine he told me not to reveal my source. This is why I love 24 and can totally relate. Torture me Jack Bauer, but I will not give up the intel.)

Again, my mother obliged. Now, for the record, I'd like to point out that my mom is a reasonable woman with no criminal history or celebrity obsessions. I think she just figured there'd be more peace in the car than with the three of us (mostly Shannon) back at the Holiday Inn belting out Erasure Hits and Broadway Show Tunes.
(So true.) So off we went.

Honestly, I cannot even tell you what city we drove to
(I can, but won't under any circumstances), Wendy called all the shots from the backseat, shouting directions while penning a love letter. (Love letter was already penned.) Kerry rode shot gun, as she was already in high school and looking forward to her learner's permit.

We pulled up to an unassuming suburban home and Wendy cried with glee, "That's it!!!" We parked one house away and got out quietly.
(Like we were sneaking up on him or something.) Actually just Wendy & I got out. This is where my mother drew the line. Kerry stated she was too mature for these antics, while I told Wendy that I would be her supportive friend and accompany her to the front door.

A few steps later, I noticed we were chewing gum. "Wendy, we can't be chewing gum when we knock - we'll look like such teenie-boppers!" We tossed the gum to the side, just as a gust of wind caught my hair. Guess what came next? I knocked on Kerry's window, desperate for help, as she basically laughed her butt off at the entire situation. By the time we got the gum out of my hair we were all laughing hysterically.

Finally, we proceeded to Kirk's door. We had rehearsed a speech, which I can't quite recall, but included the main points of us loving acting & Jesus, respecting Kirk's talent, and wanting to express our appreciation for him as one of the leading actor's of our time . . . that and we're not complete whack jobs, I swear! (She left out that I loved him and was destined to marry him.)

Kirk's dad answered the door; I noticed the family resemblance right away and was slightly taken aback that we actually had the right house. (Can't believe she was questioning my recon.) Wendy had asked me to do the set up because she was too nervous, (wow, it must have been true love) so I proceeded with my best smile and delivered my lines. (If you could have been there.)

Kirk's dad told us that neither he nor Candace were home - a crushing blow. Still, Wendy would not be defeated. She explained her friendship bracelet and handed it over with the letter. Mr. Cameron took it, smiled , and graciously wished us the best with our acting careers. (I knew that Kirk would read it, feel the connection, and call me right away. I waited and waited for the call. There was no facebook back then, okay there was not even internet. But if there were, I know he would have added me as a friend ASAP. But I think his phone must have been broken because he never called. I watched his wrist closely in the Teen mags and on TV because I knew I would one day spot him rocking my friendship bracelet. Never did see that one-of-kind love token on him. He probably slept with it under his pillow or put it in his safe or something.)

We drove back to the Holiday Inn for some hot fudge sundaes (oh the metabolism!) and some sweet storytelling. (And I waited for that call . . .)

** Twenty plus years later, Kerry has gotten over her embarrassment and is now willing to associate with me once again. I will be speaking at her MOPS group at Laguna Niguel Presbyterian Church on Wednesday, January 26th. Let me know if you live in that area and want to meet me because I have been to Kirk's house come hear me speak about "Taking Care of Mom." I will be at Coast Hills Church in Aliso Viejo on Thursday, January 27th.

**Shannon is now a producer for The Doctors. You might remember my trip down there last month when I went to a taping of the show. After the taping of the show I met one of the show's hosts Travis Stork. He asked me if I had any good stories about Shannon . . . I gave him the short version of this one. If Shannon has any integrity at all, she will email Travis Stork a link to this post so he can read the more detailed version of the events. Then his life will be complete.

As you can see from these pics, Shannon and I have matured quite a bit. We still have to take our smiley photo and our serious photo.

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Jessica Johnson said...

Hi there!

Been following since Julie hearted you... :)

LOVED Kirk. I'll NEVER forget that season finale. "Mike Seaver was here" on the brick, behind the family pic. SOB.

Awesome story. Awesome old school Taco Bell. Awesome crimped hair. Love it all.

P.S. We have a San Mateo connection... :)

the little dragonfly said...

Wendy -
thanks so much for making me laugh! During stressful times I can always count on a little relief laughing with you!
I just wish I could spend more time with you and stacy in a room because I could use more belly laughs!