Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Good From Far, But Far From Cute . . . Craft

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I was inspired by what Erin at Bringing Up Burns "whipped up" for her daughter's Vintage Valentine's Party. It motivated me to do a little something for Valentine's Day . . . and since my wreath hanger from Christmas is still on my front door, I thought I'd to put it to use. And I figured if I am going to make the time to do a door-hanger craft thingy it might as well span two holidays. Valentines Day is in 5 days and my craft efforts are worth longer than that.

I present to you:
The Happy Valentine's/St. Patrick's Day Hearts & Shamrocks on a Ribbon Door Decoration Thingy

(Roses on the porch not included. My mom gave those to me for my birthday, but my cat just eats the pedals and throws them up all over the house. Thus, they now live on the porch).

Here's how I did it, because you probably need a play-by-play on this bad boy:

1. I grabbed stuff we had including my two daughters, scissors, paint, stickers, crayons, white paper, and ribbon.

2. I printed out some Bible verses that fit with Valentine's Day. I looked for St. Patrick's Days verses, but there was nothing about drinking alcohol or pinching people if they don't wear green. Shocking, I know.

3. I couldn't find my hole puncher so I figured the jab-and-go technique worked just fine.
See the hole looks all jabbed out instead of nicely hole-punched, but once you put the ribbon in - even playing field.

If you are interested in me doing a guest post on your crafting blog or speaking at your Craft Convention, let me know.
Is there anyone else in the blogosphere who DOES NOT HAVE THE CRAFT GENE?
If you have crazy good crafting skills or you're just crazy like me, link up with Sugar and Dots "What I Whipped Up Wednesday"!

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Kim | It's All Reitz said...

Oh, how this made me laugh. And, I am so with you!! My friends sicken me with their craftiness (I say that with the sincerest jealousy).

Burns said...


And I bet the girls had the BEST time! I have issues with really letting my kids help with MY crafts...cause ya know, they might MESS them up! ;-) You are the best, craft challenged, desperate Momma I am blessed to know!


Burns said...

And even more awesome...??
When I post comments as my surfing husband cause I am to scatterbrained to know who the heck I am logged in as.

Love, Erin.
The non-surfing half of BURNS.

TDM Wendy said...

Come over. We can make crap, I mean, crafts, together.

You're right. The girls had fun. Until Lydia's (who puked 3 times yesterday) tummy starting hurting again.

emily @morefromthemoorefamily said...

I laugh outloud at your blog all the time and my husband just looks at me. Thanks for the laugh... BTW, is your book in e-reader format???

TDM Wendy said...

Definitely look back at your husband if he is looking at you. Maybe give him a wink or something.
Yes it is in e-book format.
You can get it on amazon or from winepress (which is better for me $):

Rachel said...

too cute! We love crafty things but the simpler the better and the time spent with your kids is the most important thing of all :).

CAP17 said...

So glad to see that you are craft challenged. Yay! I am NOT ALONE!!! All heart cut outs and sparkly things look very very sad in my house. Hey, at least I can bake...I'm SO making those oreo brownie things this weekend.