Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Was Scott Baio a Part of my Contract?

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If you are new to my blog, on Wednesdays I post about my experience in Hollywood as a former child/teen actress. If you want to start at the beginning of these posts go here.
So you may remember that before I stalked Kirk Cameron or wrote a fan letter to The Ricker, I had plans to marry Scott Baio. I wrote this when I was ten:

I recently came across this autographed photo. Once again, I think the publicity team for The New Lassie hooked me up with it. I guess they knew of all my childhood crushes. Maybe my agent wrote it into my contract "Wendy will get paid $xx per episode and you will get her autographed photos of the following Teen Beat phenoms . . . "

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Jessica Johnson said...

"In 25 minutes..." Los Angelas. Chixi. DYING over here, like always. I. LOVE. WEDNESDAYS.

Sar said...

I literally laughed for an entire 60 seconds reading this post. Glorious.