Tuesday, February 08, 2011

How to Have Balance

Pin It Now! I watched my friend's two boys the other day. After playing with Elijah's Star Wars toys for about an hour he asked me if Lydia had princess dresses. I said yes. Then we had this conversation:

5 year-old boy: Oh, my mom said I can't dress up in princess dresses today cuz I did it a lot yesterday at a birthday party. Mom says too much of that is not good for me.

Me: Oh. Why is that?

5 year-old boy: Cuz I gotta have balance.

Me: What's does that mean? What does it mean to have balance?

5 year-old-boy: I dunno.

Then he played with the girls' barbies. He kept asking for my assistance in changing their clothes and wanted to know where the glass slippers were. At the end of the playtime (when mom was there) he asked if he could borrow Snow White (who was dressed in Cinderella's dress).

I told her about my conversation with her son and we had a good laugh.

I like kids because they don't know what toys they are supposed to play with or what colors they are supposed to like. And they have no idea what balance is. They just like to play play and explore. I often wonder (okay, well not very often at all) if teenage boys would be sporting purses, yoga pants, and riding pink BMX bikes if they were not so conditioned by culture. Maybe that's why they wear speedos in Europe.
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Kim | It's All Reitz said...

I love this!

Lisa said...

Hi Wendy, New to your blog. Thought this was hilarious, especially in light of a recent conversation I had with my sister. I have to girls, she has two boys...her 3 year old son borrowed my daughter's Little Mermaid book the other day and she had no idea about it until he pulled it out a day later and wouldn't put it down! She called to "yell" at me...that her son was looking at pictures of 1/2 nude women in the form of Disney characters! Ha!

Lisa said...

Wanted to add that I just saw your post on FullFill...so cool...small world...I have one on November 7th (shortly after yours!) Nice to be able to put faces with names. I love "meeting" other writer mommas!!

grateful4babies said...

Since I have two boys the same age as my daughter, the boys are often playing princesses or dressing up in her princess dresses. I hope they don't figure out the world thinks this is weird soon. Our daughter plays cars and super-heroes too.

TDM Wendy said...

Welcome! And cool to have the Fullfill connection!
Kids will be kids and play with all types of things! But I can't believe you let your daughter play with cars. Could be very damaging to her identity :)

The Starr Family said...


Stacy said...

i have ALWAYS wondered why they wear Speedos in Europe! now i know! :))