Monday, March 14, 2011

Banshee the Cat

Pin It Now! We have two cats. Phayce (pronounced Face) and Banshee.
People who come to our house who do not like cats fall in love with Banshee.
I am not even making that up cuz I birthed him, cuz I didn't.

Oh yea, he has a thing for pacifiers. If you come over here, don't leave your pacies unattended.

Or your drinks.
Hide yo pacies, hide yo drinks. If you know what I am referencing by that statement then I love you.

He is really good with the kids. And by that I mean he lets them do whatever they want with him.

Do you have any pets? Do you like them? Do your kids harass them?
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jenn said...

Amazing. This might be enough to make me like cats, even just a little. :) By the way, I know what's from. My favorite 'auto tune the news' EVER. And it gets stuck in my head everytime I think of it, so thanks alot.


Jessica Johnson said...

hide yo cats. i'm deathly-esophagus-closes-up allergic. boo. we have a dog and my oldest is dying for a cat. she always says "when kobi dies can we get a cat?" i say no b/c mama is allergic. and she says "well, when YOU die, can we get a cat?" lots of love, over here. LOTS.

kim said...

I have a little Schnoodle (schnauzer poodle). I love her. Like she is my own child. Well, because I don't have any kids. Haha. My little dog-child. And she is more gentle around kids than anyone else.

You can run and tell that.


Angie said...

Agh! Kim stole my homeboy line. I'm gon' find her.

We had a dog a few years ago that I adored. But instead of having a thing for pacis, he loved nipple shields (you know, for painful nursing). Embarrassing when we'd have company who'd find those laying around because he stole and ate them.

We had a cat and dog growing up (Sugar and Spice) who we could do anything with. We dressed them up in doll clothes. We played mean jokes on them all the time too. Not abusive of course, just funny. My dad just had so many tricks up his sleeve. Like putting scotch tape on the cat's paws - try that one. Or like tying a balloon to the dog's tail (btw, he was afraid of balloons). Sounds mean, but it was funny.

What can I say? My daddy taught me good.

Oops, wrong autotune...

Kelly K. said...

We have 2 cats as well...and a dog. The daughter LOVES them....and they love her, mostly. She loves to hug them, squeeze them, whack them, lay on them. They put up with so much. Nothing can make her laugh like our dog. He had a sneezing fit the other day and she was laughing so hard she almost fell over. He runs by and she cracks up....he can pretty much do ANYTHING and it's hilarious. She likes to feed him too...piece by keeps her busy for an hour....which I enjoy. ;)

I love that she has a love for animals...I think it's so sad when kids are afraid of animals. I love our animals too, but they did get knocked down a peg or two after having a real child. Motherhood puts me so close to the edge some days that the dogs muddy feet or that millionth hairball is just too much. I have honestly considered shaving the cats. My daughter has TWICE walked up and handed me something and as I stare trying to figure out what it is suddenly realize it's a hairball. GREAT way to start the day let me tell you!

Mostly I love them...and most importantly my daughter loves them. And I'm so thankful that they are all SO good with her. :)

Jennifer said...

Kate loves our cat, Frankie. He lets her do anything to him. Right now he is wearing green mardi gras beads. Yesterday she decided his eyes hurt from the sun and put her sunglasses on him.

When we leave the house he always watches us out the window, so we wave to him. One day we had the car windows down and were waving and yelling "Bye Frankie, we love you, be a good boy, bye bye Frankie..." As we drove away I noticed our neighbor was watching us with a strange look on his face. I was down the street before I realized why...his name is Frank. He thought we were talking to him.

Casey said...

We had a cat who preferred to think of herself as the dog of the family, which was good since we already had another cat and no dog.

TDM Wendy said...

Come over and you will see. Banshee will draw you in.
And yes, best auto tune.
Okay, so you don't come over and see.
And don't die yet.
I will run and tell that. Home girl.
Hide yo homeboy line.
A nipple shield loving dog. Top that. Seriously.
Kelly K,
Cats do puke more than I would like.
Would love to see your mardi gras cat.
I like cat-dogs.

Me (aka Danielle) said...

I'm a fan! Banshee looks like a fun pet to have around!

We are cat people at my house. We have just one. And although shes good, she's not overly tolerant of the kids.

Kim | It's All Reitz said...

Picture of Banshee with the paci... Hilarious!!

We are cat people for sure... We have 2. My 2 year old is very nice to them, so therefore they tolerate her.

Nancy said...

Your blog just makes me smile and giggle. Why? 1. You have a cat with a pacifier. That is 100% awesome 2. You quoted Antoine whom I have a freakish love for. I love the Antoine application. I might give it a try. :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE your cat. :) Yes, of course I know what you're referring to ... and now it's stuck in my head.

Rachel said...

We have cats too! And the cat hating husband even likes them- and one of them allows our 3 year old to drag him around and has only protested with a scratch once (or twice). Then, there are the frogs, fish and sea monkeys and hopes for a dog in the near future...

~robin said...

We have a cat who we believe thinks she is a dog.
She greets us at the door, rolls over for belly rubs, lets the girls throw her over their shoulder and carry her like a baby and begs for treats.
Is there such a thing as "species identity issues?"

MmeMélanie Gamache said...

Can I use your Banshees' picture for a school project? I would copy the one with the pacifier if you're allowing me.
Thank you,