Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Very Own Adam and Eve

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This is a re-run from March of last year.

Today me and kids decided to make some pretzels from a mix I got for Christmas from Shiloh. Elijah enjoyed kneading the dough all the way up his arm.

Apparently, Lydia only likes to get poop on her fingers, not dough.

I thought watching the dough rise would be a great activity for the kids (for an hour) and I convinced them it would be a magical and wonderful experience... for the next hour!
While the kids watched expectantly I unloaded the dishwasher . . . onto myself and spilled a cup of water all over the place. I left the kids for 60 seconds to go change my wet jeans. Apparently they got bored quickly with the whole excitement of "watching the dough magically rise" because Lydia came running into my room and flashed her big chocolately smile at me. "See Mommy. Chocolate."
That's funny, we weren't making chocolate pretzels. I followed Lydia to the kitchen. The pantry was open and Lydia led me directly to the suspect package of . . .unsweetened baking chocolate. Such a poor choice on so many levels.
Elijah was MIA, of course. When he emerged he relayed his account of the events.

Do your kids ever sneak treats?

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Amy said...

I blame others when I eat chocolate, too! So....how did the pretzels turn out? ;-)

Jessica Johnson said...

turkeys! they are so funny! i'm emailing you a picture. you'll love it. promise.

Me (aka Danielle) said...

Too cute!

My boys have perfected the art of sneaking treats. A stool pushed up to the pantry shelves it usually a dead giveaway. Further evidence can usually be found under their bed.

TDM Wendy said...

Amy, the pretzels were good, but they didn't have chocolate in them.
JJ, Waiting for my special pic.
Danielle, Crazy, huh? Glad it's not just my kids.

sandi said...

yes, homemade fudge... and fibbed with the evidence all over their faces. a trip to the bathroom mirror proved my case.

Mirinda said...

"Such a poor choice on so many levels." BWWWAAAHAHA! So true.