Monday, March 21, 2011

Book Review by a Fellow Author

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Feel free to skip this blog post and head over to a more important post over at Mel at the Larson Lingo to participate in The Adventure Project for World Water Day. Raising money to train and employ water pump technicians. So those wells that have been built won't get neglected, broken, and ultimately rendered worthless.

And for totally insignificant stuff . . .
Did you know that Mother's Day is coming up really soon?

If you believed that then you are definitely a desperate mom or you are married to one. So you might want to get a head start on Mother's Day shopping, which is actually on May 8th.

Author and speaker Kathi Macias has reviewed my book Totally Desperate Mom. And she is not related to me. But I did read one of her books Changed at San Quentin . . . for Better or for Worse and liked it. Random fact about me I totally dig the cop/detective/prison guard stuff. Books, documentaries, shows, movies and the like. One of my favorite movies is Dead Man Walking.

Here is Kathi's review:

Wendy Hagen is a riot! Seriously. Hilariously! And absolutely necessarily. Not only does her sense of humor and open candor about herself and her life as a "totally desperate mom" help maintain her own sanity, but it does the same for other desperate moms.

Read the rest of her review here . . .
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{cuppakim} said...

ME TOO. Used to watch prison break - til they broke out of the prison - then it got boring. And I'm obsessed with those MSNBC specials - Lock Up - or whatever its called? I have been watching them since college. I think my roomies thought I was a FREAKSHOW. Glad to know I'm not alone...not that I'm calling YOU a freakshow ;)

Jessica Johnson said...

ohhh i LOVE cops and locked up. i think because it makes me feel more functional about myself. i can't potty train my deaf kid BUT i'm not stealing cars in some white trash southern town. mean, i know.

LOVE LOVE LOVE your book, wendy. i finished it at work yesterday and i felt like i was having a convo with you the whole time. i love books written like that. you have a gift.

can't wait to see you on monday! :)

Faith said...

Hey! I won your book over on Momma Marchand's Musings. I have already devoured the entire thing and must admit I have never been so sad to finish a book. Thank you for keeping it real, for making me laugh, cry, and hug my kid just a little tighter!

TDM Wendy said...

Prison Break. Yes. So good.
"i can't potty train my deaf kid BUT i'm not stealing cars in some white trash southern town. mean, i know."
So glad you enjoyed. Thanks for your encouragement.

hannah singer said...

ok, i am getting really excited about your book. can't wait until it arrives!

yes ma'am. cop/detective/prison guard and the like. i am super interested! LOVE IT. in fact, was planning to head into criminal justice, but then i decided to marry my sweet man:)