Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Magic Mountain with Mark-Paul

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Not a real exciting post. Not much to say about my experience in Hollywood except . . .
Magic Mountain. The Viper. With Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Bought one of those blurry pictures.

How do I know Mark-Paul? Visit this previous post. It involves a Circus, my hometown, my church youth group, and some pretty amazing fashion.

Check out Mark-Paul on his new show Franklin and Bash. It premieres on June 1st on TNT! And you can follow Mark-Paul on Twitter if your the Twitterin' type. Tweet him and tell him you want him to do a guest post here about how he cracked his sternum during Circus of the Stars rehearsal!

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Kristin said...

By the power of peer pressure, we shall have a guest post! Hahaha!

Hemraj said...
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hannah singer said...

love this HA!
those blurry ride photos are a must buy:)