Monday, May 23, 2011

Why Didn't God Heal my Baby?

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I have a blogger turned in-real-life friend, Jeannett. I met her last year when I spoke at a MOPS group near her house. She blogs over at Life Rearranged. She has a heart bigger than the state of Texas and is currently doing a series going about infant loss and miscarriage. Today I did a guest post for her blog. Here is a teaser . . .
Eight-and-a-half years ago God did not heal my baby. Instead, she died in her daddy's arms when she was a mere 4 days old. Why?

When I was five months pregnant we found out our daughter had Trisomy 13 and would probably not make it to birth. In an instant we went from excitement to devastation. We went from praying for the health of our unborn baby to pleading with God to heal our daughter.

The story of our daughter Faith is actually a long, amazing, beautiful, sad, encouraging, God-filled story. If you are interested in reading more you can go to my baby Faith Blog. We were blessed to have her with us for four days and then she ditched us for heaven. God showed up in incredible, unforgettable ways. But he did not take away my daughters major defects or fix her chromosomes. He did not heal her. Why?
Go to Life Rearranged to read the rest of this post . . .
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Lisa said...

Such a sad, but beautiful story. I'm glad I got to read about it.

God Bless~

Lisa @All That and a Box of Rocks

lolopete said...

Your story is so touching, and it is wonderful to see how your family has grown.

I have chronic ITP and was on high amounts of Prednisone for a year. After that, I said "No more." That stuff is so nasty, I can't imagine being on it while pregnant. I am so happy that God showed up for you. Here's to hoping that when my Hubby and I decide to start a family, He will show up for me/us, too.

TDM Wendy said...

Thanks for coming by.
Prednisone was not that bad while pregnant because it is only for a few weeks but high dosage. But still, I am no druggie so I don't like it. Can't wait to see your family grow!

Devin said...

That story was more touching the second time I read heart aches for you, Wendy, when I think about this loss, but it is beautiful what God did through it....