Friday, May 20, 2011

Terrible Threes

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It's that time again. The terrible threes. Kind of. Jordis will be three in July. It starts in the twos and sometimes even the end of the ones, but let's get real here. The threes are the height of the terribleness. When I wrote Totally Desperate Mom Lydia was three. I was not planning on writing a chapter on The Terrible Threes, but there was just so much inspiration. I had to write it down. The irony is I love three year olds. They are so darn classic. And when they're in a good mood (i.e. getting what they want) they are edible. So sweet. So cute. So fun. Such great things come out of their mouths - unless it is puke, like was the case with Jordis this week. But watch out if you ask them to use the potty and they don't feel like it. Or be cursed if you put their shoes on when THEY WANTED TO DO IT! Take a hike if you try to talk to them or ask them questions when they are in a funk.

Here is an excerpt from Totally Desperate Mom. It is the closing for the Terrible Threes chapter. Hope it gives you a little encouragement if you too are dealing with a moody pregnant lady, I mean, a two or three-year-old. Almost the same thing, right?

Making Hard Days Worth It
Yesterday was not a “beautiful day in the motherhood.” It ended with my husband going in the room to have a talk with Elijah about his poor attitude and rebellious behavior that day. I sat at the top of the stairs and put my head in my hands in frustration, exhaustion, and sadness.
Lydia came over to me in her kung fu silk pajamas “of the very best quality,” as my mom was told when she bought them for Lydia in China. They’re the same ones that all the buttons fell off of the moment Lydia breathed on them. So with her classic silky shirt hanging wide open, Lydia approached me and rubbed my shoulder ever so gently. “Mommy, what’s wrong? Why are you sad?” She stroked my hair and hugged me.

That moment made my “hard” day all worth it. All the whining, all the disobedience, all the discipline, the multiple pee “accidents,” the cat throw-up in the hall, Jordis’s poop in the bathtub, the marker on the wall—it was all worth it. I guess the threes aren’t so terrible after all. I’d like to end this chapter with a prayer said by Elijah when he was three years old. It could very well have been said by a Totally Desperate Mom of a three-year-old.

Dear God, Thank You for our friends. Thank You for everything we do that’s right and everything we do that’s wrong. And God, please help us. Amen.

What say you? Have you had a harder time with the twos or the threes?
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Erika said...

for me, the hard times begin at age one and stop at age three. we are just coming up on two and it's difficult! i think 18 months is the hardest time for me because they just won't listen and are wild! by 3, there is reason and an understanding of actions vs. least that's how it was for my older daughter- but she really is so different from other kids, I don't know if I can expect it to hold true for my younger daughter. we'll see!

Eos Mom said...

My son was worse at 3 than 2, but my daughter is 2 and a half right now and it's BAD. So I hope 3 isn't worse! ;-) Otherwise, it's agreat age--when she's happy, she is such a doll. Oy, but the tantrums!!!

Susie B. Homemaker said...

Ugh, my youngest is just starting the 'Terrible 2's'... she's 20 mos. old. As soon as she hit 18 mos. it was all over! My middle daughter just turned 3 and I'd say she's actually mellowed out a lot. For me the hardest is between 18 mos- up to 3.

Your daughter is adorable btw- love all the photos. :p

I left you an award at my blog. :)

Tina Hollenbeck said...

Totally agreed! Three-year olds can be wonderful - I love how much more they can actually communicate than younger kids - but, yep, once I became a mom, I realized that "Terrible Two" is a misnomer. My girls were fine at two...but at three? Whoa. And they are just 11.5 months apart so I had two consecutive years of it! Loved 'em anyway, but it was an adventure! Now they just turned 9 and 10, and I am seeing glimpses of hormonal interference starting. Love 'em anyway, though - and, actually, teenagers are my favorite kids of all! I'm just puttin' on my seatbelt for the ride! :^)

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

She just looks like that she keeps you all entertained all of the time! She has some of the cutest expressions!! I agree she is such a doll.

TDM Wendy said...

Erika, Yeah it is a long haul, huh?
Eos Mom - Like a time bomb.
Susie- How do you get a mellow 3 year old? That's just wrong.
Tina - No hormones please. ever.
Alicia - Yes, entertained :)

Amy said...

She is a very cute terrible three! :) I think I had a harder time at two with mine.

Amy @ Missional Mama

Devin said...

My Lola has that same purple swimsuit. :)

I have a hard time from about 18 months...I think that's when the individuality/personality starts to shine through. For us, we've pretty much broken their will by three. lol

But seriously--there are like 2 entire years in there that I just wanted to do myself in....