Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hollywood Days - Famous Fone Friends

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Back in the day where most young Hollywood actors were not out jet setting to exotic beaches with their boyfriends, partying in nightclubs with their parents, or running from out-of-control paparazzi you could often find them at charity events.

When I wasn't flying home to visit my family (I lived with family friends when I was filming The New Lassie and my family was in Northern California) on the weekend I could usually be found at some sort of charity event. That was my weekend fun. And I am not being sarcastic. I really enjoyed going to various charity events, helping a good cause, and meeting new people.

At Christmas time one of my studio teachers, Linda Stone, organized an event called Famous Fone Friends. She gathered a bunch of celebrities to make phone calls to seriously ill children. And it looks like the organization is still up and running! Go to their website if you want to read more about it, get involved, or if you have a child who is seriously ill and would like a phone call from a celebrity.

Me with my friend Kellie Martin (Life Goes On), Scott Wienger (Full House and later the voice of Aladdin).

With Josh Saviano (The Wonder Years, not Marilyn Manson).

(From The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and one of the voices of The Ninja Turtles.)

And Yes, I was wearing a jingle ball necklace and jingle ball earrings. In preparation for one day being a Grandma.
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Anonymous said...

I think you'll be a cute grandma!

hannah singer said...

oh yeah, the jingle bell necklace and earrings.
i too was prepping for grandmahood in my youth.