Monday, July 11, 2011

Hume Lake Then and Now

Pin It Now! In the summer of 1996 Shiloh and I were Summer Counseling Staff at Hume Lake Christian Camps. We just back from a little family vacation up there. It was awesome.

When we started working there we had been dating for about nine months. Now we have been married for over thirteen years.

Here we are then (Shiloh with a flower on his ear):

And now (me with a childcare pager in my pocket):
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Jessica Johnson said...

100% favorite post. Want to go back up there do Dave and I can copy it. Also exactly where you are standing in the "now" picture- we saw a guy trip down that little step and compound fracture his ankle. I'm having a little post traumatic steer just looking at it.

Jessica Johnson said...

that would be stress, not steer. I am not having a stressed cow.

{cuppakim} said...

nothing more classic than a romantic in front of hume lake shot. those mountains meeting in the middle - i'd recognize that waterfront anywhere.

i hope you guys split a shake. with two straws after that romantic moment. ;)

forever folding laundry said...

Love the then & now pics.

Nothing says romance more than
a childcare pager in your pocket.


Kim | It's All Reitz said...

Aw, so sweet!

Cheryl said...

How fun! Did you hang out with the Brown Family at all? I heard that Chris has been speaking there for the last two weeks.

Grant & Jill said...

i LOVE it. :) you missed our whole group of pasadena friends (many UCLA alums! by a week. Hope you had a great time. xo

TDM Wendy said...

Jessica, Sorry for the stress. We didn't trip.
Kim, The shake was all mine.
Keri, Pagers rule.
Cheryl - Yes we hung with the Browns!
Jill- What were your friends doing there? Camping? Counselors for camps? Staying at the lodge?

Jami Schoettler said...

I love Hume Lake! I've been up there many times for Church camp when I was younger.