Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Artists' Place

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A few weeks ago we visited my aunt and uncle in Arroyo Grande. It was me, my mom, my kids and my niece. My aunt and uncle are awesome. And ridiculously talented in the art department. I think they should change their names to "We Make Pinterest Look Like Preschool Fingerpainting."

Our first stop - The Coffee Bean. I used to get an ice blended mocha almost every day when I was at UCLA.

The kids took turns driving the golf cart around the property.

They have a long, circular driveway which is great for running around and carting.

Swimming at their neighbors' pool.

Jordis took a header at the neighbors' house.

Their garden is incredible.

Aunt Leslie made hats for the girls. On the spot because Kylie asked her to. Took her all of 30 minutes.

Lydia's hat. Made with an old sweater from the thrift store.

Kylie's hat.

My uncle made these sculptures out of duct tape and newspaper. Inspired by So You Think You Can Dance? Someone from that show has got to see these! You know there is a choreographer who could make a routine using these. For the love of Mia Michaels . . .

A truly organic carrot.

We had quite a trip to the dollar store. I was particularly impressed that you could get this fake brain for a dollar. So many things I could do with this. Party favor for princess party, put it in Elijah's lunch box, hang it on my front door for decoration . . .

Our last stop was at this restaurant. This sign was comforting. Or not
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Working Mommy said...

Um...that thing is a pool?! It looks like a pond or something...like there should be some expensive koi fish swimming around!


Jaimie said...

Wow!! Your parents have quite the place - beautiful!! And your aunt and uncle are so talented - that detail of the duct tape butt is incredible!! ha ha!! :) Loved seeing the pictures - looks like so much fun!

TDM Wendy said...

The pool had a big beach entry. So great for little ones. And yes, my uncle does good duct tape butts.