Monday, August 29, 2011

Kindergarten and Second Grade

Pin It Now! Here are pics from the first day of Kindergarten for Lydia. First day of Second Grade for Elijah. We moved last fall and are at a new school this year. The kids didn't know their teachers or anyone at the school. They only know a few kids in the whole school. But they were excited for school and had fun walking to school with our neighbors.

Elijah liked his first day. He jumped right in at recess playing ball wall and on day two he met a beyblades-trading friend.
I'm pretty sure Lydia liked the first day too, but because she is Lydia . . .
"I didn't like it that much. We only got to walk around a lot, have recess, and do a craft. And there were no toys to play with. Just books." But she did say she likes her teacher so that's good.

Elijah's response to Lydia:
"Lydia, you're not in preschool anymore. You don't just play. School is for working hard and learning. And recess."

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Working Mommy said...

Wonderful pictures!! I'm sure their views of school will change even more as the years go on!