Saturday, August 06, 2011

Stylin' Saturday - Just Cut 'Em

Pin It Now! A few days ago I found some barbie hair on the floor. Then I saw Elijah's scissors on in my bathroom. Then I saw Lydia's bangs and realized that Barbie's hair was still in tact and Elijah was not doing a craft in my bathroom.
But Lydia was.
And she was proud. She thinks her new bangs look awesome.
Will I even them out and fix them? Maybe someday.
But for now, she can enjoy her awesome bangs.
The Stylin' tip for today:
Just cut 'em.

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Barbie said...

Oh goodness! Thanks for the laugh. She'll enjoy the laugh when she's older too! :) I'm waiting for my turn.

songskatesang said...

Lydia, I think you are awesome! I have always wanted bangs but I am too chicken!