Thursday, December 15, 2011

Totally Desperate Mom Sale!

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I am offering a two-day holiday special for my book Totally Desperate Mom: Keepin' it Real in the Motherhood. A three-pack of my book for $24, which is only $8 per book. That's 33% off from purchasing it on my website! You will receive your books in time for Christmas!

Think Christmas gifts, baby shower gifts, birthday gifts, new Grandma gifts, President's Day gifts . . .
So here is the dealio:

1. Must purchase a minimum of 3 books for $24 plus $4.75 for Priority Mail Shipping for a total of $28.75.
2. Must email me (wendy at wendyhagen dot net) with the following:
-Your mailing address
-Your paypal email address so I can send you an invoice
-How many books you would like
- If you want me to sign them - give me names
*If I know you or you have ordered from me before, you can mail me a check.
4. Must pay invoice I send you by Saturday, December 17th by 9pm PST.
Sale over! Thanks for all your orders!
5. I will ship you books by Monday, December 19th and you will get your books by Friday, December 23rd at the lastest - in time for Christmas!

Read chapter one of Totally Desperate Mom to see if it is worth eight bucks. The chapters are pretty short - about 10-15 minutes so even a Totally Desperate Mom can make time to read!

Sale ends Saturday, December 17th at 8pm PST!
Looks like they are out of copies in the warehouse at Amazon so if you order from them you will not get before Christmas.

A few reviews if you are not yet convinced to take action:

"In Totally Desperate Mom Wendy shares candidly about the victories, the defeats, the surprises, the embarassment, the pain . . . the deep joy. A soon-to-be-mom? This will get you the closest you've been to the highs and lows of motherhood. A seasoned mom-pro? Then you will slip and slide from howling in laughter to tears as you remember. Because we ALL remember. I read few books on parenting/motherhood/anything. Time is so limited, but I have been enriched and impacted by Wendy's authenticity. Her warmth. Her use of scripture and life-application. And humor."-- Jenny of Jenny on the Spot

"I finished the book the other night and it has seriously got to be one of the best books I've ever read! The hilarious, real-life stories are ones you want to share with your friends and her honestly about being stretched to your limits makes you feel like you are not alone in "The Motherhood." -- Heather of Angel Face Designs

I have been reading Wendy's blog for a couple years now and absolutely love her writing style and humor. Her book followed the same writing style and contained the same humor, so in that way I loved it. But I also loved it for the realistic stories and lessons in parenting. I felt so encouraged and not alone after reading that other moms struggle with the same occasional feelings of inadequacy, frustration etc that I do. And even though I wasn't raised religious and couldn't identify with that aspect of the book, I didn't find it off-putting either. Loved the book, and will highly recommend it to all my mom friends! --Kim Reitz of It's all Reitz
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Anonymous said...

Boy, putting Jordis in this marketing strategy was SMART. What a cutie she is!

Kim | It's All Reitz said...

Ha, I was thinking the same thing. She is adorable! I was going to come over and tell everyone to buy this book but you already posted my review!! :)

AMW said...

I recently came across a story about Darcie Chan, who digitally publish her book (“The Mill River Recluse”) after being turned down by numerous agents and publishing houses.

She bought some ads on websites targeting e-book readers, paid for a review from Kirkus Reviews, and priced her book at 99 cents to attract readers. Since then her work has received about 400,000 downloads and has garnered bids from publishers and movie studios without having ever sold a single copy in print.

A similar path could be worth a try. Good luck to you.