Monday, December 12, 2011

Hagen Family Worst Photos of 2011

Pin It Now! If you are new here, I'm about to show you how ugly things can get in the Hagen family. If you've been reading this blog for a year or more, you know how ugly it can get around here and you are pretty darn excited for this post. I have to admit, I took great pleasure in selecting these beauties with you in mind. It's a good thing this internet thing is a fad because I could sure regret posting some of these photos one day. And so might you when you link up with me on this!

So here it goes friends - Merry Christmas. From my family to yours.

Let's start with me, the mom.
Headbands rule and so do high foreheads.

Don't get mad, just get a blue head band and workout.

Sometimes you don't realize how old you are getting until you see a photo of your wrinkly neck. When did that happen? Age 34, that's when. All down hill from there. (I'm 36 now).

No makeup and my daughter's hairclip. I've seen better days.

My new ad campaign for Totally Desperate Mom. This was (accidental) mom abuse.
Now for my sidekick, Shiloh.
I really apologize if you have a mustache, but no. Just no. Cut off jean shorts and a stache are never accepted in this house. But obviously, I only wield so much power around here.

I actually really dig the long hair, but I'm pretty sure this double chin was not planned.

This double chin was planned.
Now for my eldest child who loves basketball, soccer, potty talk, and cuddling. Warning: a few of these photos may make you sick, give you nightmares, or cause you to unfriend/unfollow me.
Actions speak louder than words.

Collateral damage from Easter egg dying. It's a contact sport or something like that.

All tatted up with no place to go. Except picture day for YMCA basketball.

Thrilled to be here.

Focus on his facial expression and stop judging me for taking this photo.
Now for my actress, fashion plate, teacher, and ball-of-fun Lydia.
Which is more nightmare inducing?
A clown, a jack-in-the-box, or Lydia with her face painted like this?

Extra hair clips, extra sunscreen, a missing tooth, and a wide mouth. I expect many calls from John Robert Powers.

Hmm . . . what should I wear tomorrow?

Aren't sleeping children so cute?

Relax people, it wasn't that bad.
And now for my girl Jordis who sometimes speaks with a British accent, loves tea parties, and has an amazing falsetto.
There are no words.

She has the white-trash look down.

Perhaps my favorite photo of Jordis. If she ever tries to skip the country, this is what the world will see on her passport.

Diggin' it.

A confident dresser.

Sister love.

All dolled up and ready for a photos shoot.

Because every kid loves a photo shoot.

Bonus section:
Hope you catch a glimpse of my mom in this shot before she makes me delete it. I'll just tell her "No big deal, Mom. What happens on the internet stays on the internet."

And let's not forget my cooking, baking, forgetting-things-in-the-oven successes from 2011.

Sunken ship cupcakes for a pirate-themed party.

Chia pet Mold ball for your animal-themed party.

Moldy oranges for your growth groups.

Melted plastic brownies for any occasion.
Merry Christmas from the Hagens!

If you are crazy enough to share your ugly with the world, I would love to see it. Link on up all the way until the New Year.

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Mama V said...

Oh Wendy,
This made me so happy!!! :) The photo of painted Lydia may be burned in my mind forever. Freaky. And I am truly impressed by the kitchen experiments. What the? :) Can you teach us your ways? Oh, & what's it like having a family photo where everyone is actually facing/looking at the camera with a semi-normal face? You finally achieved it. AWESOME. :)


Kim said...

Jordis in the headphones! there really are no words. SO CUTE!! Well, two words I guess then.

Emily said...

Love the photos! They are great and a little scary, too. :) I have a lot of photos to sift through, but I just may link up when I have some time! :)

lynnd said...

So funny, thank you for sharing! Great laugh to start off the day.

Shannon said...

Big smiles to start my Tuesday. Love it.

{cuppakim} said...

i commend your bravery. however, there is no way i'm linking up ;)

jordis with the cheek-phones is too much. favorite for sure.

forever folding laundry said...

I must agree with Kim.
There are some pics of me that just can never
see the light of day.

But those pictures seriously made me smile.
And if you could have included a video of you running
a la "Born to Run" it would have been even better.


Jamie said...

The headphones one is BY FAR my favorite. I hope I get mine done in time to link up but I need to hold through December until I'll reveal! Stay tuned for our submission! :) You're so inspiring.

Grant & Jill said...

that first pic of jordis is my absolute fav. dying over here...

Denise said...

you. are. funnny!

great pix.

gross oranges.

i am not brave enough. after all "what happens on the internet, stays on the internet"

and i would have such a good scary photo this week since my hairdresser read the wrong card and colored by hair black and purple!

Linda Z said...

You all are a whole lotta awesome! :) Thank you for the giggles. I'm not thinking I'm joining the party, though! Maybe next year. Ha!

Amy - while wearing heels said...

Can I just say, thank you for entering my world. I cannot stop laughing. Oh my. You almost lost me with the tooth pulling picture but the sleeping children picture and the passport picture won me back over :)