Monday, April 23, 2012

Stranger Danger - When Bloggers Meet

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I just got back from my trip to Washington where I stayed with a women who I didn't know but she was a friend of a friend. She was delightful, her family was sweet, and I slept with her dog Cedar.

I spoke at the MOPS group at Westwood Baptist Church in Olympia and then had lunch with a blogger friend. I call her a friend, but really she could have been an axe murderer. And while that is a great movie (So I Married an Axe Murderer), I usually don't have lunch with axe murderers at restaurants with "Cigar and Tobacco" plastered all over the windows.

Good thing Jody Landers is not an axe murderer - just a bleeding heart for the poor. It was so nice to sit with her and have uninterrupted conversation (no kids) with her at lunch. I loved her. And her heart. Go stalk Jody - mom of six kids (4 bio, 2 adopted), a restored marriage (after adultery), a healing heart (damaged from "church" people), and co-founder of The Adventure Project (trying to eliminate poverty $20 at a time).

Friday night I spoke at a women's event at Westwood Baptist to a lovely group of women - at least half of whom where over sixty, but not Jenny. Although she could have been a 68 year old man named Ron for all I knew.

We were just online friends that met in a chat room about lawn mowers. Okay that's not true. I spotted Jenny on the Spot in 2009. Back when she had braces and was giving away swine flu masks. What's not to like?

So Jenny on the Spot drove an hour and a half to come hear me speak and then drove me back to her neck of the woods. Not joking about the woods. This is her backyard.

And as far as necks go . . .  let's just say I'm working on an awesome post about neck wrinkles.

Jenny took me to her favorite local joint called Applebee's where we had happy hour quesadillas at 11pm and then headed to her place. I'm gonna stop at quesadillas for now cuz it just got better from there and much laughter and deep conversation ensued. But I will tell you this: there were Viking rolls, a sick kid, an RV park, cheerleader jumps on the ferry (great pics of that on Jenny's blog), and Kevin the dog. And yes, I slept with Kevin so go ahead and call me names about my dog co-sleeping habits.

Sorry to leave you hanging without the details of the Jenny/Wendy adventure but . . . a video is coming. And another blog post. You won't want to miss it. Unless you have to do yard work or laundry. Bloggers are a weird breed, no? But you're reading this so I guess that makes you weird too.

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hannah singer said...

fun city!!

LOVE these stories.
and can't wait to meet YOU.
#mustmakeithappen xo

Jessica Johnson said...
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Jessica Johnson said...

for the record, you were the first fake blog friend i met IRL. and i've met more since which means it was AWESOME. miss you, friend!

Jennyonthespot said...

Well... allz I know is I have never had so much fun in my local former RV sellers parking lot. NOR have I had so much fun on a ferry. NOR have I made such a fool of myself on the ferry. Oh maybe I have...

Cascia Talbert said...

That sounds like you had a lot of fun! I have been blogging for five years now and still haven't met any of my "blogging buds" in person yet. Maybe someday. Have a wonderful afternoon!