Monday, June 25, 2012

Plum District Deal on Totally Desperate Mom

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If you are not familiar with Plum District, today is the day. It is a like a Groupon site but geared toward moms and deals are put together by moms. This Friday I am collaborating with them (and a friend of mine since kindergarten!) to give you a screaming deal on Totally Desperate Mom. $25 for 3 copies of the book plus free shipping. And 10% goes to Shepherd's Gate which is a shelter for battered and homeless women and children. If you refer a friend and they purchase a deal . . . BOOM. You get $5 of Plum Dollars to spend. Which isn't like monopoly money. You can actually buy real stuff. But not hotels.

Check out the preview and tell a friend, would ya? Or blog it. Or Facebook it. Or tweet it. Or have an in real life conversation. And if you have read Totally Desperate Mom and liked it, please leave a comment here and tell me your favorite chapter and if you are feeling really generous, tell me why. Or rather, tell people who read the comments so they will know to go get the Plum District deal! You guys are my publicists, my marketers, my agents. Thank you for all your support.

This deal goes live this Friday June 29th for Bay Area, South Bay, and Sacramento (that is how you will have to search to find it or just come back here and I'll have a link). And it goes National on Monday, July 1st!

Read chapter one of Totally Desperate Mom if you haven't already. See what you're in for.
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Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Wendy's book is awesome!! She is such a gifted writer who keeps you so interested in what she has to say. She writes with such love and humor. All of the chapters are good but I really like chapter 14 Encouragement For Motherhood. It is such a sweet chapter about the relationship of a mom and her children and how to cherish each stage that they go through. I encourage you to take advantage of this great deal. You won't regret it!

Mandee said...

How cool! I am so glad we had the chance to read your book and "meet".