Thursday, August 16, 2012

Arizona Women's Retreat and 3 Things

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Calling all Arizonians! Come join me in the beauty of Prescott, AZ for a women's retreat September 7-9th. You don't have to come with a church. Come by yourself. Come with a friend. Come with someone you meet on the drive up. Come with your mediterranean quinoa salad. Come with stuffed animals. Come with your mom jeans and fanny packs. Ditch the kids and the pets and the ridiculous heat and get up the mountain and hang with me. And two of my girlfriends, Kati and Stacy.

I spoke at the mother/daughter retreat in the spring and fell in the love - with the town, with the camp, and with the camp staff. Gonna be talking about transformation through some spiritual disciplines - meditation, solitude, and simplicity. More details here.

But before you join me for an entire weekend there are three things I feel like you should know about me. And whether you plan on retreating with me I would love to know three important things about you. So leave it in the comments. Make 'em good. And important like mine. Cuz you might win a prize.

1. I moonlight as a cake decorator. My primary focus and specialty is on the writing. The rest I let the store do.
 2. My husband moonlights in the daytime as a cotton candy maker.
 3. I know it's a chain, but I love the California Pizza Kitchen. My kids like it too. This is not a paid sponsor ad dealio. I kinda wish it was because I would like a lifetime supply of CPK.
So go on, tell me three things about you please.

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Kristen said...

1. It's my birthday tomorrow. My husband said he'd take the kids to a park in the morning so I could sleep. It already sounds like a perfect day.

2. My daughter didn't go through the terrible two's. She waited to turn 3 to do that. Right when her little brother was going through the terrible 2's. Lord help me, I'm not sure I'm going to make it through this year.

3. Just found out we may be moving out of state. Not sure if I should be elated or cry. Either way, I'm just glad I get to be asleep tomorrow morning when I do it!

SandyW said...

1. I live in a small copper mining town.

2. Since we have had so much rain, I really need to mow the lawn but I really don't want to right now.

3. I am coming to retreat with a group of ladies from 3 different churches. Love, love, love my sisters in the Lord. Its going to be a wild time. Watch out Prescott Pines!!!!