Friday, September 14, 2012


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What I did last week. In cell phone pics. A lot going on. Good stuff. But of course, not much time to blog. But I can throw up a bunch of photos so here you go . . . 

Spoke at Prescott Pines Women's Retreat in Arizona last weekend. And two of my best friends came. And they happen to look like super models. Just keeping myself humble every single day by the people I surround myself with. 
 At 37 years old, still a dork.
  UCLA beat Nebraska in football. Worth a jump. But let's be honest. This jump came before the game.
Someone sharpies a Bible verse onto God's creation. Is this graffiti or is this now a Biblical tree? I'm not sure but I'm leaning toward prosecuting the person who did this.
 Jordis found a new hiding spot. If only she would do the laundry.
 Lydia made a new friend at the puppy social at the pet store.
Lydia and Jordis got diva-ed out at the neighbors. Possibly one of my favorite pictures of all time. Nice work Marissa.
I spoke at Mother's Together at Community Presbyterian Church on Wednesday morning. The topic was "Slowing Down in Suburbia." Email me at wendy at wendyhagen dot net if you want a link to the talk. 
My husband helped get the kids ready for school so I had plenty of time to goof off in the driveway before we left for the church. Once again, dork factor not subsiding with age.
 Shiner had a playdate. (Shiner on right, Remmy on left).
 Elijah has awesome hair. For now.
Jordis is still throwing fits regularly. Over nothing. Well, it really is something major when your brother looks at you. For real. That's what this is about.
The neighbor dog, Thatcher. She had been at our house all day and when I took her home she went right to the kissing spot.
Off to yard duty for Lydia's lunch recess with my 4-year-old assistant!
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Knit and Purl Mama said...

What's your Instagram name? I'm knitpurlmama on there.

Anne said...

First time visitor to your blog. Found you on Life.Rearranged. The name "totally desperate mom" got me. Good to know I'm not alone. // That pic of the three girls = awesome. Or, I guess they say awesomesauce these days. // have a great week.

*laura* said...

Don't you just LOVE instagram! Thanks for checking out my blog...did you make any zucchini? *laura*

Jessica Johnson said...

puppy social?? why are our pet stores not as cool as yours? and the ballerina picture is a framer for sure.

cesar said...

Like the tree stump... Hey, even Jesus killed a fig tree to make a point...