Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

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First of all, I must becoming an old dad or something with my cheesy, pun of a blog post title. 
But it's fitting because Elijah is back on the head-shaving circuit. I know most moms like their kids looking all clean cut with a "normal" (read: boring) haircut that matches all the other boys in the class. These are usually the same moms who insist on dressing their kids (themselves) in matching, fitting, outfits. Nothing wrong with those moms, but if you have read my blog for more than five minutes you know that well . . . I am not one of those moms. I love when my kids dress themselves in less than stylish outfits. Because they do it themselves. And they don't care if it matches or if it looks like they are waiting for a flood. They wear what they like. And it makes me smile and laugh a lot on the inside. I digress . . . the point is . . . Elijah wanted his head shaved again. He was sick of the long, shaggy hair that I loved so much. 

But he did not love it so much and now is rockin' the baller look. 
 And the monk look. 
 But hey, at least he still has his eyes. So I'll keep him. 
What kind of mom are you? Do you dress your kids? Pick out their outfits for them? Who controls the haircuts and styles? Do your kids just not care either way? Would you or have you ever shaved your son's head? Do you like shaggy hair or the basic boy cut? Do you like hot chocolate? 
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Jodi said...

My kids dress themselves, but I maintain the right to veto for church/nice occasions. My husband buzzes our boys heads all the time - short too! I like it better on them then when my husband does it on himself... wish I held the veto vote there!!

Anne said...

O my goodness. You should see the outfit that I let my daughter (8) go to school in today. It looks like pink and red had a raucous party with orange. No fear of mixing patterns. The sparkly boots and the polka dot hair band tied around her neck made the outfit. I loved it. Such personality. Such confidence. // Sometimes I do feel bad, though, when I see little girls dressed in outfits made to be worn together. I wonder if I should be a mom who makes sure her daughter matches. // And then I decide I shouldn't. I'm okay with her wearing her swimsuit cover up as a top if she's okay with it. // I have never shaved my son's head, never even considered it. But I do like it cut real short. When it gets longer, they inevitably give him Dumb and Dumber bangs. He does not like hair goop, so he wears them flat against his forehead. It is not fabulous. Short, close cut hair cuts are the best. // I like hot chocolate, especially with a little bit of peppermint schnapps. It warms me right up.

Knit and Purl Mama said...
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Knit and Purl Mama said...

WOW! I don't know if I could let my boys shave their head completely. I love their hair! But we do cut it regularly (every 3 months or they start looking like Cosmo Kramer)

I dress the baby (21 months), and for my older 2, My eldest is in a uniformed elementary school so during the week I lay out his uniform for efficient mornings, but on ped days or weekends, he dresses himself (5.5 yrs old).

My middle son is soooo indecisive that I have to pick out his clothes or it would take him 3 days to dress himself.

The only time I butt in is when they are wearing something that is not appropriate for the weather outside. My eldest is still trying to wear shorts on freezing cold days. I don't want them to get sick.

Melissa Avery said...

My two year old son is on a Angry Birds craze right now. So when I can peel the AB shirts off of him then he usually wears whatever, but I like tow dress him like his cool older uncle. His hair is out of control, I'm Peruvian and my husband is Caucasian, so our kids are mixed. My son is the whitest Peruvian ever, he has thick Peruvian hair and during the winter we torture him with salon haircuts so he has a cute fauxhawk and during the summer I shave his head because he's so sweaty. It's still torture for him.

My daughter just turned 1 year old but she's been picking her outfits since she was 5 months old. I'm not kidding. She accessorizes with bracelets, necklaces, shoes and always has to be wearing a dress. She picks out her outfits everyday....she's only one, I'm in so much trouble.

Tiffany Yrigolla said...

To answer all of your questions:
1) I am a loud mom
2) Sometimes my kids want me to pick their clothes and I insist on picture day. Every other day, my daughter looks like an 80's pop star and my son looks...comfortable.
3) They pick their hair styles. I sometimes try to persuade them one way or the other but am often wrong so I try reverse psychology. I care, but not enough to fight about it.
4) I have and would shave my son's head again. Now that I've figured out how to do a fade, it's a little better. I hate paying for hair cuts! I would NOT shave my daughter's head...ever.
5) I like mohawks on boys! Might as well get them in while they're young. I like long hair on girls but, of course, my daughter loves short hair.
6) I don't really like hot chocolate.

You're a pretty cool woman and mom!

cari said...

this post made my day.
my 10 year old son is currently rocking a fro. and we are very white.
i really try to care about the most important things like Jesus and not care so much about my kids looking like gap models.
so my girls look like rainbows and my boys wear their fav stained tees.
you are a good mom.