Saturday, September 22, 2012

Stylin' Saturday - Clip it Out

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Stylin' Saturday - A place to enjoy the uniqueness of children and their wardrobe and hair choices. Also a place for the momfit - when you just can't get it together for What I Wore Wednesday.
Lydia's tip for the week. When it doubt, clip it out. And put that clip wherever you want.

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Bill and Jenn said...

You are a better mom than me! This would drive me crazy!! Also, I think you should give Lydia' and Elijah's teachers a link to the Stylin' Saturday posts-- just so they know all the fashion tips are being documented. :)

Tiffany Yrigolla said...

This is so great! I wish I could post a picture with this because my daughter did the SAME THING today. I put her clip-it-and-go style on my Facebook page in case you wanted to check it out. I'm probably the ONLY Tiffany Yrigolla on there.