Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Black-Eye Friday for Desperate Moms

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How about a Totally Desperate Mom deal before Black-Eye Friday? Because nothing says I love you like giving a mom a book intimating she is desperate and in need of some comic relief and encouragement.

From now until Thanksgiving . . . three copies of Totally Desperate Mom for $25 plus free shipping. A million dollars in savings (or $11 plus $4 for shipping costs if you are Type A and really need to know your exact savings) and way cheaper than Amazon or Rodeo Drive. Stock up on baby shower gifts, birthday gifts, and of course, Christmas.

If you want in then:
1. Email me at wendy at wendyhagen dot net and tell me you want in.
2. Indicate how many copies you want (in increments of 3).
3. Tell me if you want any of them signed and if so to who. This is worth absolute nothing.
4. Give me your paypal email address so I can send you an invoice. If I know(ish) you, you can mail me a check.
5. Pay the invoice and make sure your shipping address is correct.
6. I will ship within 48 hours of received and cleared payment and I will email you telling you I have done so.

Read chapter one here.
Here's an excerpt from Chapter 14: Encouragement for the Motherhood -

Time Flies When You’re Changing Diapers
Moms with older kids often say, “Enjoy this time when your kids are little because it goes by so fast.” In my head and heart, I totally get that statement. But in my current daily reality . . . there are some days that I wish went by fast, and hearing those words of intended encouragement just make me feel guilty about the days I don’t enjoy.
That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if when Jordis starts kindergarten or when my kids flunk out of college, get body piercings from an unsanitary establishment in a third world country, or decide they want to go into full-time bird watching, I will remind young moms just how fast their children will grow up.
I imagine I will see a vulnerable, Totally Desperate Mom with spit-up strewn across her shirt, bags under her eyes, and a screaming toddler on her leg. A TDM who has changed her third blow-out diaper of the day, negotiated vegetable intake with a three-year-old, spent four hours trying to get a child to nap, exhausted forty-five minutes encouraging kids to get their shoes on, struggled with consistency in discipline, made two trips to the doctor’s o ffice, and got five hours of interrupted sleep. I can envision myself trying to support that sweet young mom by saying, “Enjoy every minute of it because before you know it your kids will be all grown up.”
But I am hoping I will be more like one of the mentor moms from my MOPS group who sent this e-mail out to the moms at her table: 
Aaaaannnd you will have to order the book to read that letter from the mentor mom. Best part of the book and I didn't write it so wait a minute . . . 

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