Saturday, December 15, 2012

So Far From Heaven

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On Friday I was on a field trip with Lydia to a local performance of The Nutcracker. Meanwhile, tragedy was unfolding in Connecticut. Unbelievable. Shocking. Horrific. Devastating. Unfair.

So far from heaven.
Our world is so broken, fallen, and ugly. So full of sin, disease, pain, violence. And now a bunch of people dead. A bunch of kids my Lydia's age. A bunch of people scarred for life. A bunch of empty hearts, vacant bedrooms, and heartbroken families.

Dang you free will. Dang you sin. Dang you shooter.

God bless those teachers who sacrificed their lives for those little ones. A picture of heaven as the ashes of hell fell over Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Praying for Newton. Praying for those empty hearts. Praying that God shows up in ridiculous ways to bring peace to those families.

Thanking God for organizations like Link to Children (headed by a friend of mine) who help young children in the Bay Area who have witnessed violence. They bring healing and hope amidst the ugly.
Link to Children has already been a resource to many as this tragedy unfolds. So if you are looking for a legit place to direct some of your grief . . . you can donate to Link to Children.

 This image was stolen from Mel at Larson Lingo.

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Joyce and Norm said...

So sad. Praying. No words...

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